Piscataway, NJ – Dr. Tom Connors and Zoe Scotto, two members of the Board of Education with proven track records of success, proudly returned their arts in education candidate surveys with strong support for arts in education.  Voters can see how “Putting Kids First” candidates will support the vibrant arts in our schools by reviewing their surveys on the Arts Ed NJ website.

“Investing and supporting the arts in education is so important,” said Scotto, a leader of the Piscataway High School Drama Club and the school’s Marching Band.  “The experience and education I received in our schools led to my decision to be a theater arts major at Rutgers, and I hope, go on to a career in the arts,” said the 2020 PHS graduate.

Dr. Tom Connors agreed. “As a member of the Board of Education since 2008, I have always fought for our district to invest in the arts.  We have tremendously talented young people who should be supported and encouraged. Our team – Connors, Cherry and Scotto – will always stand up for the interests of students. We will continue to work to expand opportunities for academic excellence, in all areas of learning and enrichment including the arts,” he said.

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It is unfortunate than not one of the so-called ‘Better Safer Schools’ candidates even bothered to answer the survey.  It is especially disappointing since Kimberly Lane chairs the Board’s Culture, Climate and Community Relations committee which could and should be actively engaged in supporting the arts in our community,” he noted.  “Their silence on these important issues speaks volumes about their values.”

In her survey, Scotto noted how valuable the arts are for building a culture and climate of success. “Students often find themselves attempting to place themselves within a box according to numbers, scoring and objective judgment. Encouraging and supporting the arts offers the student to organically and authentically express themselves… Personally speaking, my education in the arts made me a stronger academic student: the arts promote the power of creativity and well-being.”

Candidates were sent the survey by the non-partisan organization Arts Ed NJ, the statewide arts education policy and advocacy organization, which publishes responses on its website.  School Board elections are also non-partisan.  This year, candidates appear the on the back of voters’ ballots.   The Putting Kids First Slate is in Column 2.  Visit the campaign Facebook page, @connorscherryscotto or the website www.forpwaykids.com for more information about Dr. Tom Connors, Shantell Cherry and Zoe Scotto, the team Putting Kids First.