Rahway, NJ- This Saturday at 8 PM, 30 select students from the Rahway High School, The 7th and 8th Grade Academy and the four Rahway elementary schools (Madison, Grover Cleveland, Franklin and Roosevelt) will join the long, illustrious list of performers, including names such as Vanessa Williams and Sinbad, who have taken the Union County Performing Arts Center’s historic Main Stage. The All City Elementary Orchestra, 7th Grade and 8th Grade Orchestras, and the Rahway High School Orchestra will be opening for the London based string quartet Stringfever, who have found fame playing everything from classical music, to movie themes, to rock songs on electric violins, viola and cello.

The orchestras will play one song each, with all four coming together for a final number with Stringfever themselves to lead into their set. We are so proud of these talented Rahway students! Included above is a sneak peak of a video you can find on the UCPAC Facebook, of the 8th Grade Orchestra playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”: https://www.facebook.com/ucpac/videos/10158305633325290/

Did you ever think you’d hear this on strings?!

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The day after the performance, Stringfever will be holding a workshop from 12:30 PM- 1:30 PM in the UCPAC’s Fazioli Room to share their invaluable techniques and extensive experience with the lucky Rahway students.

Tickets to Stringfever range from $20 to $35 and can still be purchased online at ucpac.org, over the phone by calling (732) 499-8226 or in person at the box office. The Union County Performing Arts Center is located in downtown Rahway at 1601 Irving Street and is easily accessible to major roads and public transportation.