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Randolph Residents Experience Scary Phone Scam

RANDOLPH, NJ-There are many recent stories of people trying to con others out of hard earned money. Randolph and Morris County residents alike need to be prepared for numerous scary phone scams that have been circulating throughout the area recently.

A Randolph resident described a phone scam in which a man called her house pretending to be an FBI agent.  The man left a message on her machine with a call back number, and she called back because she was unsure of who had called.  She reported the man said that she owed close to 4,000 dollars to the IRS due to miscalculations on tax returns, and gave her two options for resolution.  

The man, claiming to be ‘Officer Steve Hunter’ said she could either hire a lawyer and she would be subject to asset and property seizure, or she could handle things, “out of court, and pay directly, but not disclose the situation to any family or friends.”

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At this point, she hung up; however her phone rang several more times and her Caller ID showed up as “Randolph T” so she answered the phone.

This time, a man with the same voice was claiming to be ‘Officer Jordan Campbell’ of the Randolph Township Police.  According to the resident, he threatened to be at her house in 15 minutes to make an arrest if payment was not made.

The Randolph woman hung up the phone again, and called the local police to alert them to the situation. Even though the woman did not fall victim to the scam, many others do; she stated that the man alleging to be a law enforcement agent sounded very professional and quite convincing.  

“It was definitely upsetting and scary, and he had an answer for everything,” said the resident who requested anonymity.  The calls more often than not come from outside the country according to what the police told her and that she need not worry about anybody really coming to her house.

Det. Lt. Christopher Guiliani of the Randolph Police Department said, “People fall victims to scams all the time, and there are people pretending to be many different agencies like the IRS or the power company.”  Det. Lt. Guiliani warned that these alleged scammers can use simple technology to adjust what people see on their Caller ID to mask their identity.  

“No law enforcement agency will ever to call you to try and claim an outstanding warrant, if they have one they would just come and arrest you,” said Det. Lt. Guiliani.  He also said that if you receive a call from anybody trying to collect money for any agency to err on the side of caution.  “If you’re in doubt, take a name and a call back number, then call your local police to check out the situation and never give a money order or get a green dot card,” said Det. Lt. Guiliani.



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