Randolph Township Police Blotter: Multiple Car Burglaries and Fraud This Spring

May 9, 2014 at 11:28 PM

Apr 12: Officer James Pritchard Jr. responded to West Hanover Ave for the report of a motor vehicle crash.  One of the drivers involved in the accident stated that a White Chevy Tahoe had entered into his lane of travel.  In an effort to avoid the crash, he attempted an evasive maneuver without success.  It was at this time that the Tahoe struck the rear driver’s side of his vehicle.  While speaking to the driver of the Chevy Tahoe, the Officer detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.  Upon further investigation, Michael J. Glancey, 23, Mendham, NJ was arrested for DWI.  Glancey was also issued summonses for Reckless Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane, Expired Registration, and Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance.

Apr 12: Officer Manlio Irula responded to the Church of Christ on Quaker Church Rd for the report of Criminal Mischief to the building.  A member of the church stated that they found a broken window at the front of the church.  The church had replaced another similar broken window at the front of the church the week prior to this incident.  Investigation to continue.

Apr 12: Shatner L. Franchi, 27, Sparta, NJ was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Jefferson Township.  He was processed and released after posting bail.

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Apr 13:  Officer Manlio Irula responded to the Playtime Boutique in reference to a shoplifting complaint.  The store clerk reported that a DVD was missing from the front display rack.  The clerk stated that a male was in the store about 1 hour, then purchased $20.00 in tokens, went to the DVD rack and then went inside the movie room.  While the male was in the movie room, the clerk took inventory of the DVD rack and noticed that one of the DVD’s was missing.  Investigation to continue

Apr 14: Officer Manlio Irula responded to Linda Terrace on a report of someone operating an ATV on the roadway.  Officer Irula located the operator and advised him that in the State of NJ it was illegal to operate an ATV on any roadway unless it was properly registered and insured.

Apr 14: Douglas L. Brown was arrested for an active ATS warrant issued by the West Milford Municipal Court.   He was processed accordingly and released after posting bail.

Apr 16: Officer Jeff Goral responded to Trout Brook Way for a Local Ordinance Violation.  Bruce Symes and Brent Borger were placing advertisements in mailboxes for their landscape business.  They did not have a permit to solicit in the town and were asked to stop.

Apr 16: Officer Daniel Novoa responded to Rt. 10 on the report of a vehicle traveling the wrong direction.  The caller advised that the vehicle was traveling East in the West Bound lane.  Officer Novoa made contact with the vehicle and while speaking with the driver, he detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from within the vehicle.   Upon further investigation, William M. Smith, 47, Mount Bethel, PA was arrested for DWI.  Smith was also issued several motor vehicle summonses.

Apr 17: Officer Sean Verbist responded to Winchester Terrace for the report of an electrical box pulled off of a residence.   The victim advised that when he exited his garage, he noticed the electrical box hanging from the house.

Apr 17: Officer Sean Verbist responded to Rosalyn Way for the report of a damaged mailbox.  The officer observed what appeared to be a tire track leading from the curb line to the mailbox.

Apr 17: Wilson A. Martinez, 23, Randolph NJ was involved in a suspicious incident and subsequently arrested on an outstanding warrant issued by the Parsippany Municipal Court.  Martinez was processed and released.

Apr 19: Officer James Pritchard Jr. took a report of a theft from a motor vehicle.  The victim stated that she noticed the center console of her vehicle was open.  The victim advised that the items stolen include an “Apple IPhone 4S, Garmin GPS unit, sunglasses and $50 in change.  The Morris County Criminal Investigative Section responded to process the vehicle.  Investigation to continue.

Apr 19: Officer Brett Sommer took a report of Fraud.  The victim reported two scam attempts that have taken place since March 2014.  In late March the victim received a mailed package.  Inside the package was a fake USPS money order for $980 and a letter with instruction.   The letter requested the receiver to cash the check and take $150 as “payment”, then respond with the remainder of the cash to purchase “Money Pak” cards at any seller (Rite-Aid, Walgreens, K-Mart, etc) as part of a “Customer Service Evaluation”.  The letter requests that the subject evaluate the employee conducting the “Money Pak” sale.  Afterward, the subject is supposed to respond by email with the evaluation details and the subject’s own cell phone number, so that “further instructions” can be given.  Ultimately, the subject is asked to send back the remaining cash via “Money Pak”.  The second scam was similar with a package containing a check with similar instructions.  This scam involved a legitimate business in California “BGASC, LLC” whose account information had been stolen.  The victim knew these attempts to be scams and did not act on any of the instructions.

Apr 20: Officer Christopher Carbonaro responded to Old Chimney Rd for the report of a theft of a canoe.  The victim stated that in the spring of 2013, his red “Coleman” canoe was tied and locked to a tree at the Shongum Lake Beach.  During that time, unknown actor(s) attempted to steal the canoe causing damage to the front portion of the canoe.  The victim repaired the canoe and decided to secure, lock and store the canoe to the canoe rack found at the Shongum Lake Beach.  In April, the victim went to the lake to check on the canoe and discovered it was missing.  Investigation to continue

Apr 21: Officer Brian Gallina responded to the County College of Morris on the report of a theft.  The Assistant Director of Public Safety advised that the Records and Registration Department had discovered fifteen laptops missing after conducting an annual inventory check.  During the College investigation it was determined that people were utilizing the laptops without properly signing them out. 

Apr 22: Officer Kevin Clark responded to Elaine Court for the report of Burglary to an Auto.  The victim stated that she found all the contents of the center console and glove box scattered on the front passenger seat of her vehicle.  The victim stated that her vehicle was unlocked.

Apr 22: Officer Kurt Edelman took a report of Credit Card Fraud.  The victim received a letter from the Citibank Fraud Verification Unit asking to verify recent activity on her Best Buy MasterCard Account.  The account was opened the beginning of April, and $1,100 was charged on the account.  The victim advised the Fraud Unit that she did not have a Best Buy Credit card.  The credit card account was closed and the victim was advised that she would not be responsible for the charges.

Apr 22: Officer Robert Coyle took a report of Fraud.  The victim advised that he received a phone call from an individual who threatened him with legal action if he did not resolve a tax issue.  The caller advised that he is an employee of the “State Investigative Department” and that the victim is the subject of a Federal Investigation involving the non-payment of taxes.  The caller demanded further personal information.  The victim knew this was a scam and did not provide any personal or financial information.

Apr 23: The Police Department responded to the woods south of Town Hall for the report of a brush fire.  Randolph Fire Companies 2, 3, 4 and the NJ Fire Forest Fire Services arrived and extinguished the fire without incident.

Apr 24: Det. Sgt. Keith Donovan took a report of a lost or stolen wallet.  The victim arrived at work and placed her wallet on a shelf above her locker.  When she was ready to leave after her shift, she realized her wallet was no longer on the shelf.

Apr 24: Acting Sgt. Matthew Pfeiffer responded to a wooded area on Center Grove Rd for the report of a brush fire.  Randolph Fire Companies 2, 3, 4 along with the NJ Forest Fire Service responded and extinguished the flames.

Apr 25:  Officer James Pritchard Jr. responded to Clover Lane for the report of Burglary to an Auto.  The victim stated that someone entered his vehicle during the night.  The victim stated that approximately five dollars in coins were missing.

Apr 26: Officer Daniel Novoa responded to the McDonalds on Rt. 10 for the report of an intoxicated male.  The subject was located parked in the rear parking lot of McDonalds. While speaking to the driver, the officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from him.  Upon further investigation, Raul F. Moreno-Salzar, 36, Dover was arrested for DWI.  Moreno-Salzar was issued four motor vehicle summonses.

Apr 26: Officers Sean Verbist and Jeff Goral responded to the Randolph Oral Surgery Center on Rt. 10 for the report of an unresponsive male.   EMS and paramedics responded and ultimately, the male became responsive.  Upon further investigation, Jason A. Chapman, 43, Manhattan, NY was arrested for being under the influence of C.D.S.

Apr 26: While conducting the investigation relating to Jason A. Chapman, 43, Manhattan, NY being under the influence of C.D.S, two active warrants were located for the defendant.  The warrants were out of Hoboken and Fort Lee, NJ.  Bail was posted.

Apr 26: Officer Jeff Goral responded to Radtke Rd for the report of a Burglary to two motor vehicles.  The victim advised that both his vehicles were broken into while parked in the driveway.  A Laptop Computer, Cell Phone and $4.00 in cash were missing from one of the vehicles.  The homeowner stated that both vehicles were unlocked.

Apr 26: Officer Sean Verbist took a report of Burglary to an Auto on LaMalfa Rd.  The victim reported that sometime overnight, her purse was stolen from her vehicle.  A neighbor found the purse in the grass on his property.  The purse was wet and dirty from the rain during the night.  $250 was taken from her wallet.  The victim stated that her vehicle was unlocked during the overnight hours.

Apr 26: Officer Sean Verbist took a report of Burglary to an Auto on Stonehill Rd.  The victim reported several items stolen from his vehicle sometime overnight.  The victim advised the vehicle was unlocked.

Apr 26: Officer Michael Puskas responded to the Gateways Apartment complex for the report of a suspicious parked vehicle.  Officer Puskas located the vehicle with two occupants in it.  While the driver was retrieving his documents from the glove compartment, Officer Puskas noticed a plastic bag the driver was trying to hide from view.  Upon further investigation, Yury E. Verduga, 19, Randolph, NJ was arrested for possession of marijuana.  Verduga was also issued summonses for possession of CDS in Motor Vehicle and Failure to exhibit Driver’s License.

Apr 27: Officer Matthew Rispoli was on patrol when a vehicle was driving towards him with the high beams on.  The car passed Officer Rispoli without switching to the low beams. The Officer turned around and while following the vehicle, he observed the vehicle travel across the double yellow centerline.  The vehicle then rolled thru the stop sign and stopped several feet after the stop sign.  While speaking to the driver, Officer Rispoli detected the odor of raw marijuana.  The driver appeared very confused by the officer’s questions.  As Officer Rispoli talked to the driver, he detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his vehicle.  Upon further investigation, Raymond Ramos, 19, Mine Hill, NJ was arrested for DUI and possession of C.D.S.  Ramos was served with complaint summons for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Apr 28: Officer DelTurco responded to Doby Rd for the report of found property.  A worker from the Randolph Parks and Recreation Department located a pile of Randolph Twp street signs.  An employee from the Randolph Twp Dept of Public Works advised that all the signs that had been located had already been replaced.  The total value of the signs was $1,105.  Investigation to continue

Apr 28: Officer Robert Coyle took a report for Burglary to an Auto on E Logan Rd.  The homeowner stated the E-Pass was stolen from the vehicle and that the vehicle was unlocked overnight.

Apr 28: Officer Jason DelTurco took a report of a bicycle theft.  The victim had left the bicycle and helmet on the sidewalk overnight.  When he went to retrieve the bike the next morning, it was no longer there.  It was noted that it was large item garbage pickup that week in Randolph.

Apr 29: Officer Jason DelTurco responded to the Kmart for the report of a shoplifting incident.  The loss prevention officer had the two accused parties detained in the loss prevention office.  The loss prevention officer had observed both accused parties place items in their pockets.  The accused were confronted in the parking lot where they turned over the merchandise they had taken.

Apr 30: Officer Robert Coyle took a report of a suspicious call.  The victim advised that she received a suspicious phone call from (908)-755-0100.  The caller stated that he was collecting donations for the “State Law Enforcement Agency”.   The caller became irate when the victim told him she was on the “Do-Not-Call” list.  An internet search of the phone number reveals that it is listed for “Sweet Ride Motorcycles” at 9 North Ave, Dunellen, NJ.  The Officer was unable to locate an organization for “State Law Enforcement Agency”.  The Dunellen Police Department advised the listed address is a vacant building.

During the month of April, the Randolph Police responded to 73 motor vehicle accidents.  The Department also responded to a total of 123 residential and commercial burglar alarms.

May 1: Officer Jim Greco responded to South View Rd for the report of a Burglary to an Auto.  The victim stated someone had entered his vehicle and taken his wallet.  The homeowner advised the vehicle was unlocked overnight.

May 1: Officer Jason DelTurco took a report of a Burglary to an Auto on Brookside Rd.  A resident found a wallet in the parking lot of 21 Brookside Rd.  The driver’s license located in the wallet was from out of state, so the resident turned the wallet in to the Randolph Police Dept.  Officer DelTurco was able to make contact with the owner who advised that someone had entered her vehicle and stole her wallet.  The owner advised the vehicle was unlocked.

May 1: Officer Brian Brenckman took a report of Fraud.  The victim advised that he received a phone call from “Donald”  1-800-757-2629 who stated that he was a representative from JCP&L.  “Donald” advised the victim that he was delinquent on his bill and would need to pay immediately to avoid power being shut off.  “Donald” advised the victim that he needed to contact 1-800-757-2629 in order to pay the overdue balance.  The victim contacted the number and spoke to a male who identified himself as an employee of JCP&L.  The male requested payment be made through a “Money Pak” or PayPal Credit card over the phone.  The victim became suspicious and discontinued the call.  The officer conducted an internet search for “JCP&L Bill Scam”.  The search showed multiple incidents that have been reported.  JCP&L released a warning on the company’s Facebook.com account advising customers of this scam.

May 2: Officer Kurt Edelman took a report of Identity Theft.  The victim advised she received a letter welcoming her to Ally Bank.  The victim contacted the Bank and advised them that she did not open an online bank account.  The victim advised that several weeks before she received the letter, she received a prepaid Amex card loaded with $0.33. 

May 2: Officer Sean Verbist took a report of Fraud.  The victim reported that an unknown actor(s) fraudulently opened between seven and ten credit cards in his name.  The victim received a call from “G.E. Capital Bank” advising him that someone had opened up several credit cards in his name.  The bank advised the victim he would not be responsible for any charges made on the credit cards.

May 2: Officer Sean Verbist reported the 25 MPH calming device sign was stolen from Sparrow Rd.  A search of the area was conducted with negative results.

Editor's Note: This article relies on information provided by law enforcement officials and the subjects are presumed innocent. If notified of changes to the charges or their outcome, TAPinto.net will update this report.

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