New Jersey singer/songwriter Mark D. Conklin has released a new music video dedicated to the victims of 9/11.  

Conklin's song focuses on the spirit of the country in the aftermath of the attacks. As he states in his recent blog, "There have been many stories, papers, songs, etc. that have been written about September 11th, there have been very few, if any, about September 12th and the days that followed." He continues to say, "It has always struck me that from the ashes of the most cruel, hateful and inhumane atrocities rose some of the most kind, courageous, loving and humane acts I've witnessed in my lifetime. It seemed for a moment that people actually looked past each other's race, ethnicity, politics, social and economic status and saw each other for what we are. Human beings."

Conklin will be performing "September 12th" along with other songs from his new album "It's About Time" at Bergen Community College on Friday, September 17th. Ticket information can be found at  

Conklin concludes by saying, "I hope that on September 11th we take time to remember our brothers and sisters who lost their lives. And on September 12th we take a moment to reflect on how we want to live ours."