BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, NJ -- Township Administrator Kristin Fox will give her postponed presentation on recommendations for the Enrichment and Gifted and Talented program for the next school year at the meeting of the Board of Education at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25, in the auditorium of William Annin Middle School, Quincy Road.

Fox, the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, will detail changes in the program for grades 3-5. Her presentation was postponed Feb. 11.

The program will be called QUEST, an acronym for Question, Understand, Explore, Seek and Think, and reflects the findings of an elementary school G&T review committee of parents, teachers, administrators and board members, said Gray.

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The program will reflect more parent-requested opportunities for students, particularly in language arts, she said.

A few years ago, some parents requested the revitalization of the gifted and talented program at the elementary school level because they said their students needed more challenging work than they were getting in classrooms. Other parents said they felt that if students were not initially included in the gifted program, they could lose out on the opportunity to receive some of the same learning as the students progressing in gifted and talented from year to year.

On Feb. 11 the board approved five new or revised courses for the fall.

A computer game design and development course was approved for Ridge High School. It may mean hiring an additional teacher, depending on student interest, said Karen Gray, curriculum committee chairwoman, as well as devices and a storage cart. The equipment will also be used in other classes she said.

The course will allow students to continue their interests from a course offered in middle school, she said.

Three courses are being added to meet state-mandated requirements in dance and theater, said Gray.

Two are dance electives for the middle school -- a semester-long course for eighth grade and a weeks-long one for seventh grade. The board also approved Introduction to Theater for eighth grade.

The fifth is more of a renaming of a seventh grade math course, Accelerated Math. In eighth grade, most students take algebra.