Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of re-electing Chatham Borough Council members Len Resto and Peter Hoffman on November 6th. Having been a homeowner in the Borough for almost 20 years, I have witnessed Resto and Hoffman work tirelessly for the Town and its residents.

They are dedicated volunteers who assist everyone in the community and make no empty promises. They “put their money where their mouth is.”

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The Chatham Borough community under these gentlemen is a better place than it was before they arrived. They maintain the Town’s historic character, housing prices, responsive officials, and infrastructure. A handful of examples as to how Resto and Hoffman have worked for our citizens would be the following: opposing the Pilgrim Pipeline, keeping taxes reasonable, making sound investments, conserving resources and shade tree coverage, and maintaining essential services available to all.

Perhaps the most important quality Len Resto and Peter Hoffman offer Chatham Borough residents is their ability, in this difficult time in the world, to put aside party lines and work with those who hold different ideas and beliefs. This is above and beyond the most important lesson for young and old alike in the community to witness. Their priority is not political affiliation but rather ensuring that the quality of life for the entire borough is put first and foremost.

Therefore, I am supporting Len Resto and Peter Hoffman in their re-election campaign.

Cathy Ziegler