PARKLAND, FL- The 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Gifted/ High Achieving Classes at Riverglades Elemenatry were honored tonight at City Hall for their recent accomplishments in the national Mathfax Competition. The 3rd Grade Classes of Mrs. Light and Ms. Borchart placed second, just 6 points behind Bethany Math Club in Portland, Oregon. The 4th Grade Classes of Mrs. Lubinger and Mrs. Knowles placed first nationally. The 5th grade classes of Mrs. Tomsey and Ms. Barnard also placed first nationally. Pine Crest was another local school that placed in the top 5, just behind the Riverglades teams. Pine Crest placed 5th in the 3rd grade division and placed 4th in both the 4th and 5th grade division. 

Mathfax is a national math competition that was started in 1997 and currently serves hundreds of schools in the nation for Advanced Mathematics.  "Riverglades competed against  88 schools, both public and private, to challenge our Gifted/High Achieving students in higher order thinking math problems and computation. We have had another successful year!" stated Mrs. Lubinger.