Robinson Cano: Cheer or Boo?

To view the skit, visit the Tonight Show YouTube page: Credits: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Pinstripe Empire by Marty Appel is the most comprehensive history of the New York Yankees ever written.

SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- Robinson Cano will visit the Bronx tonight for the first time since the former Yankee second baseman skipped town to sign for a 10-year / $240 million contract, one of the largest in baseball history, with the Seattle Mariners.  In signing the free agent contract, Cano became one of the few homegrown Yankee stars to ever leave the team for more money elsewhere.

Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show tested the pulse of New Yorkers during a skit in which Yankee fans expressed their true feelings by yelling at a life-sized poster of Cano… before the former fan favorite emerged from behind it. Click here to see Robinson Cano Surprises Fan While They Boo Him.

In light of this, we took a poll of local Yankee fans to get their thoughts to the question: Would you boo Robinson Cano?

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  • “If I were at the game, I’d be cheering for Robbie tonight for all of the great things he did while in pinstripes.  As a Yankee fan, it would be more than a little hypocritical for me to boo him just because he left his team for more money.  And it was a lot more money.  So each at bat I would give him a real nice ovation for what he did for the Yanks, while hoping he leaves New York without a hit!" -- John Sponheimer, SPFBL coach
  • "No, I move on." -- Russell Huegel, Fanwood Borough Council President
  • “I personally wouldn't boo; he did a lot for the Yankees. Cano "the player" is an opponent and will get booed; he is wearing the wrong uniform!  He did what people do: he followed the money.  In person I would give the guy a handshake and thank him for his time in NY” – Mark Folkart, SPFBL coach
  • "The disappointing part about Robinson Cano is that he was solely about the money.  While no one can begrudge him for wanting the extra three years/$65 million, it shows that he placed no value on the significance of being a Yankee." -- Larry Glickstein

Yankee historian Marty Appel, author of Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to After the Boss, the most comprehensive history ever written about the team, says that it is rare for a homegrown Yankee to sign elsewhere.  (A primary reason is that New York has the resources to outbid everybody else.)

“I'd show appreciation for his great Yankee years, but I think my respectful cheers will be soundly drowned out by the booing,” said Appel, a former public relations director with the Yankees during their successful era of the 1970s. “Who among us would not have taken all those extra years and extra millions - plus, Octobers off!”

Appel’s 2012 book has been updated to include the 2012 and 2013 seasons. It was recently re-released in paperback.

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