ROSELAND, NJ - The Borough of Roseland Council approved a resolution declaring the government’s opposition to the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings Pipeline at its Council meeting Tuesday.

The proposed pipeline will run through Albany, N.Y. to the Linden refinery. The pipeline is designed to transport North Dakota Baaken crude oil and will run through several communities in north and central New Jersey. Several of those communities have already taken formal stances against the pipeline.

“While the pipeline won’t run directly [through Roseland], it will certainly impact our greater community,” Roseland Mayor John Duthie said. “From what I’ve been reading, the oil contained is highly flammable and could pose a safety issue.”

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Duthie cited the pipeline’s potential presence in the neighboring communities of East Hanover and Livingston as part of the impetus for adopting the resolution.

“We want to support our neighbors as they deal with this,” he said.

Councilman Richard Leonard also expressed concern, saying that the ability of a private company to effectuate such a change in New Jersey infrastructure could negatively impact communities.

The resolution passed unanimously.

First Responders Commended

The council also expressed their thanks to the first-responders who assisted the community during the ice storm on Sunday morning.

“The police, the auxiliary police, the fire department, first aid -- all of them responded in a very tough situation,” Duthie said. “There were lots of accidents, but we got the town cleaned up as fast as we could.”

He noted that the response was particularly impressive given that the weather forecast carried no prior warning of the icy conditions.

Councilman Peter Smith also praised the cooperation between Roseland and Essex County and thanked the county for providing salt for the roads.

Councilman David Jacobs singled out John Matthias of the Office of Emergency Management and his volunteers for their “tireless” work.

“What would we do without our volunteers?”