ROSELAND, NJ — As the chair of finance and administration for the Borough of Roseland, Council President Christopher Bardi introduced the proposed 2019 municipal budget on Tuesday with a tax rate increase of $15.39 (or .55 percent) to the average Roseland home assessed at $466,580.

The public hearing for the budget will be held on April 23 at 7:30 p.m.

“The 2019 budget was truly a team effort from every member of the Roseland Governing Body,” said Mayor James Spango. “To present a budget that is fiscally responsible to each homeowner in Roseland that does not sacrifice service but maintains and in some cases improves services at an increase of only $15.39 or .55 percent to the average homeowner is not remarkable, but astounding. I am proud of what this governing body collectively accomplished in developing a budget that is responsible but puts the betterment of our borough first.”

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Bardi explained that the goals of the administration as it relates to the budget are as follows:

  • Keep Roseland affordable through responsible spending;
  • Keep Roseland residents informed through increasing transparency, communication and resident involvement;
  • Keep Roseland safe through investing in our community and infrastructure; and
  • Keep Roseland a great place to live through thoughtful planning for the future.

The total municipal budget for 2019, which represents 26.4 percent of the overall property tax in Roseland, was presented at $14,942,784.94. Anticipated revenues total $4,982,493.95, and the amount to be raised by taxation is $9,960,290.99, according to Bardi. 

Bardi also noted that the budget provides for a minimal increase in appropriations of .50 percent from last year’s budget.

Among the highlights of Bardi’s presentation was that savings from retirements allowed for the hiring of four positions in the police department, public works and administration. In addition, legacy costs (retiree healthcare costs) are down 54 percent.

Additional investments/programs included in the budget were: a new website, upgrade to public access change (TV-35/46) and, in keeping with the administration’s goal to create greater resident involvement, a new Summer Concert Series.