ROXBURY, NJ – One of the docks used for swim team races at Roxbury’s Horseshoe Lake Park is crumbling from below and needs to be replaced, a $100,000 proposition, according to township officials.

The dock in question is not the main dock at the Succasunna facility. That structure was repaired about five years ago, said Roxbury Department of Public Works Director Richard Blood.

It’s the other dock - a long, narrow platform to the left of the main dock - Blood said at a recent meeting of the Roxbury Mayor and Council. “That left-hand dock is a 12-foot-wide finger,” he said.

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The dock’s wooden boards are rotting, but Blood said bigger problems lie beneath the deck. He said his workers lifted the boards not long ago and discovered the dock’s steel frame is “a bit compromised” from rust.

“It’s time for replacement,” Blood told the council, explaining his request for $100,000 in the 2019 township budget. “We are recommending replacing that dock.”

However, Blood is not suggesting the township install another fixed dock. Instead, he thinks it would be more prudent to replace the rusting structure with one that floats.

Purchasing a new floating dock would cost significantly less because the township would not have to pull out the current dock’s pilings and drive new pilings into the ground, Blood said. “Installing a fixed dock is quite a bit more money than buying a floating dock,” he told the council.

He also said the township can save money by changing the position of the lake’s swim lanes.

“The swimming beach uses eight swim lanes,” Blood said. “There are two lanes that, every five years or so, need to be dredged. They are just a little too shallow. They don’t meet the four and a half feet needed for flat diving for swim competition.”

Blood said the plan is to “push all the swim lanes out about 20 feet so we don’t have to dredge the two shallowest lanes.”

The council is in the midst of reviewing the new township budget proposed by Roxbury Township Manager John Shepherd. Other proposed capital expenditures related to parks and recreation include $10,000 for replacement of a mower, $60,000 for the purchase of a new dump truck and $6,000 for a grooming machine to be used on the new turf sports field being constructed at Horseshoe Lake Park.