ROXBURY, NJ – A 76-year-old Roxbury resident, whose wife of 42 years died this summer, was really impressed with the conduct of two Morris County Sheriff’s Officers during his visit to the county building to probate his spouse’s estate, according to the Sheriff's Office.

In fact, the man - Kenneth Overby - was so impressed he presented Sheriff’s Officers Jonathan Feinberg and Tyler Bartol, also a Roxbury resident, with homemade awards, said Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Peggy Wright.

Overby, whose wife Delores died in July, is an inspirational author and poet. His “nature is to remain positive and give credit where credit is due,” Wright said.

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She attributed those traits to Overby’s decision to made sure Morris County Sheriff James Gannon knew about his encounters with Feinberg and Bartol on July 28.

“I wanted to let the higher-ups know who the movers and shakers are,” Overby said in a telephone conversation, according to Wright. She said he told her the officers were particularly cordial, held the doors for him, brought him a comfortable chair and made sure a Surrogate’s Office staff member knew he was waiting in the lobby.

Moved to Write Awards

Write said Overby was so taken by the officers' professionalism that, upon returning home to Roxbury, he took the time to write individual “Best of the Best Awards for 2020” for the two officers for providing him with “exceptional service” when they helped him.

“The awards state that both officers were very respectful and ‘seemed to be driven by high inner work standards and the willingness to serve,’” Wright said. “Overby said he particularly wanted to acknowledge the officers’ conduct because ‘In the climate of today, police are getting a bad rap.’”

“Most police are kind civil servants,” he said, according to Wright.

She said Gannon congratulated the officers and put the commendations in their personnel files.

Feinberg, a former Hopatcong police officer and current Mount Arlington Fire Department captain, was sworn-in to the Morris County Sheriff’s Office on April 22, 2019. Bartol, a former dispatcher for the Morris County Communications Center, was sworn in as a Sheriff’s Officer on July 20 of this year.

Overby most recently is the author of “From Glory to Glory,” a book of spiritual poetry, and “Say ‘Yes’ to the Prompting of the Holy Spirit.”  

'A Passion for their Jobs'

His commendations to the officers state, in part:

“This award is presented annually to those who are the cream of the crop in their specific disciplines and have displayed that they will not hesitate to go that extra mile to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. This award is presented to the individuals who stand head and shoulders over all their peers and make a major impact on our communities, ultimately becoming their customers’ ‘Preferred Providers.’

They are the dedicated, responsible and accountable associates who show up every day ready to give more than a 100 percent team effort to get the job done.  They have a passion for their jobs and for the people interaction that goes along with it.”

The commendations also state:

“To receive this prestigious award, individuals or a group must see the big picture. This goes way beyond being the consummate professional, having knowledge in a given field and obtaining great results. This has to do with responding to a calling that is bigger than one’s self. This is about disciplining one’s mind to positively impact people’s lives in a positive way without any hidden motive or agenda. The individuals that receive this award are people of integrity who operate from a solid core of higher spiritual values like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. When one embraces such qualities, there is no one who can bring a valid charge against them.”  

Praise from the Boss

Wright said the sheriff wrote a note to his officers, thanking them for their conduct.

“It is said that people won’t remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel,” wrote Gannon. “This quote is appropriate and applies to your recent encounter with Mr. Kenneth E. Overby.”

 The sheriff told the officers he “was happy to learn, although not surprised, that Mr. Overby received exceptional and informative assistance during his recent visit to the courthouse,” according to Wright.

She said Gannon pointed out that the encounter “left Mr. Overby with a more than favorable impression; an impression that inspired him to pen his remarks to you ... We stand by our oath to serve. As such, we offer assistance, show respect and courtesy to all.  You displayed these qualities to Mr. Overby during his visit. Thank you.”

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