And then there was the time Rudy (Tutti) Grayzell and Elvis Presley were playing strip poker with four girls and a keg of beer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At night. In a cemetery. 

They lost, the girls ran away with their clothes and Tulsa police had a tough time believing that these were actually two music giants wearing only a piece of cardboard before dropping them off at their motel.

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Grayzell laughs at the memories but turns quiet at the mention of Elvis, whom he met in San Antonio at 16 and with whom he performed throughout the 1950s and remained close right up to the rock legend's death in 1977.

"A very humble man," Grayzell says wistfully. "But Hollywood got hold of him ... "

His voice trails off as thinks of his many contemporaries who have become victims of their own celebrityhood, something the 83-year-old has managed to avoid. 

" I just have fun with it," he says, crediting the discipline instilled by his parents, Jose and Juanita.