Dear Debby,

I was recently fired from my high-paying job. We have enough money to live on for a few months. The more careful we are with our money, the longer it will last. However, my wife is still spending like when I was working. How can I talk to her about this?

Running out of Dough


Running Out of Dough,

Now is the time to be very firm and clear with the facts. Don't shelter her, give it to her straight. Tell her that you have a finite amount of resources that is not being replenished with regularity as before. Once they are gone, assets will have to be sold...the cars, jewelry, and eventually the house. Show her what the priorities must be and give her parameters. This will make it much easier for her to put it in perspective.

Relay to her that you are very disappointed with your current employment situation and are trying very hard to find another job. Explain to her that you need her love and support now more than ever. Point out to her that this is an unfortunate situation that has happened to both of you, not one that you inflicted on her.

I doubt it will be a problem from here, but if it is, the next step would have to be taking over the expenses totally and giving her spending money that your budget can afford. This sounds harsh but until things ease up, you must protect her and your home.

Good luck!