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Sage Financial Partners Offer Safe-Money Solutions, and a Sigh of Relief

Sage Financial Partners Mark MacDonald, Ian Welham and Paul Partridge Credits: Sage Financial Partners
Paul Partridge explains effective ways to manage risk. Credits: Jackie Lieberman

WESTFIELD, NJ—Sage Financial Partners Mark MacDonald, Paul Partridge and Ian Welham are in the business of helping people sleep better at night.

 “The majority of Americans feel they’re going to outlive their lifestyle or, even worse, their money, and it terrifies them,” said MacDonald.

When he tells people that they can generate a guaranteed income stream that will last them the rest of their lives, “It’s a huge relief,” said MacDonald “You can watch the stress just leave their bodies.”

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Retirement planning has changed drastically over the years. Because pension plans were once common, “Our grandparents never had to think about it, they never had to worry about it,” said Partridge.

Back then, about 90 percent of the working population had a pension. Today, it’s more like 10 percent. What Sage Financial Partners can do is create private pensions for people so that they can have the same kind of “sleep at night” retirement plans that their grandparents had.

Mutual funds and stocks are what Partridge calls “unknown money.  You don’t know what they’ll turn into,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in an IRA or 401K or millions of dollars,” said MacDonald. “People feel it may not be enough given the market volatility of the past 10 to 15 years.”

“We help people achieve the retirement lifestyle they want by giving them a private pension that’s guaranteed for life,” said MacDonald.

After meeting with someone from Sage Financial, “Our clients feel great, because they have a plan now that is simple, guaranteed and they can implement it immediately,” said MacDonald.

Sage Financial Partners also helps families plan financially for the costs of college—and to save quite a bit of money—with their expertise in need-based and merit-based financial planning. While most college-planning companies are equipped only to help students get into school, financial planning is what they call “the big missing link in the market place,” said Partridge.

“There is nothing more important for most people than saving for college and saving for retirement,” explained MacDonald.

“There’s certain money you have to have, and when you have it you can’t fool around with it,” added Partridge.

Sage Financial Partners is located at 500 Morris Avenue, Suite 205, Springfield, NJ. Call them at 973-467-7979 or visit them online at

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