SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Saint James the Apostle School held its 3rd annual Science, technology, education and math (STEM) Fair for students in Grades 6 and 7 on Feb. 11, 2019. This STEM Fair model empowers students to see the possibilities of technology and engineering to create a better future. The theme of the STEM Fair is “engineering solutions for global sustainable development challenges.”

The challenges for the STEM Fair are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of which there are seventeen. Goals include renewable energy, peace and justice, responsible consumption, clean water and sanitation. While developing their projects, the teams had to keep in mind the three pillars of sustainability: society, economy and the environment. Sustainability is all about providing a better quality of life for all members of society while building solid economic growth that will have long-term environmental practices.

Under the guidance and leadership of the middle school science teacher, Mrs. Melissa Robbins, students have been working on their problems, processes and solutions while keeping an engineering design notebook since the beginning of the school year. Students presented a tri-fold brochure and prototype to an audience of eight (8) judges. This year, our students developed innovative ways to improve oral health, fight hunger, build sustainable communities, create affordable, clean energy and collect, clean and filter water.

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The three finalists are:

  • JED Toothpaste – toothpaste and toothbrush for Sierra Leone – Jonathan Bugel, Ethan Pinho and Daniel Rueda
  • The T.A.M. Girls – nutrition bar for Yemen – Mikayla Alvarez, Tayjaah Janvier, and Alexandra Morales
  • Clean Water Society – water filter for India – Gavin Diaz, Tyler Evans, Jayson Gbologa and Julia Landicho

These projects will advance to the Archdiocese of Newark’s STEM Expo which will take place on April 6 at the Youth Retreat Center in Kearny. The overall plan of this Expo is to create awareness for the SDG and to empower students to envision possibilities for solutions

“There are so many skills that are developed in this process: critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, communication, creativity. There is also an awareness of gratitude for God's blessings and recognition of the talents bestowed on us to serve and help others, said Mrs. Caroline Ponterio, Principal. 

For over 65 years, Saint James the Apostle School has been serving the parishioners of Saint James the Apostle Church in Springfield and surrounding communities. Saint James the Apostle School offers students from PreK-3 through grade eight a Roman Catholic faith-based education which acknowledges each child's individual ability to achieve their fullest potential academically, socially, and spiritually.

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