Bala Cynwyd, Lower Merion Township, PA —  Lower Merion Police nabbed two Philadelphia men who were allegedly damaging store theft detection systems while stealing merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue on City Ave in Bala Cynwyd, according to a spokesperson with the Lower Merion Police Department.

On January 2, 2019, LMPD authorities arrested Martin A. Long, 34, of 2619 South Hicks Street in Philadelphia, and Herbert Machette, 34, of 1209 Daly Street also in Philadelphia.  Each of the two men faces a string of charges related to the arrest.

According to the authorities, the two men were seen entering the Saks Fifth Avenue store and subsequently were seen using wire cutters to remove electronic theft detection units from merchandise within the store.  

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LMPD reported that members of Saks’ loss prevention team spotted the two removing security sensors and witnessed the two individuals attempting to conceal the merchandise on their persons.  

When the duo attempted to exit the store, they were stopped by store personnel and LMPD was requested and then dispatched by the 911 center.  

Upon arrival of the Lower Merion Police department, each of the suspects was arrested, handcuffed, advised of their rights and transported to the Lower Merion Public Safety building.  

Officers use a special entryway to the building known as a sallyport — which is a special entry to a secure facility.  When one door is open other doors remain closed and locked.

After being arrested and taken through this sallyport, suspects are then processed by the police — meaning they are usually searched again, fingerprinted, tattoo scanned, and then questioned.  

Criminal complaints are written and filed.  The suspects are then held until arraignment before a local Magisterial District Judge.  

To speed up the efficiency of the arraignment process, in Lower Merion people being arraigned usually use secure electronic video technology between the judge and themselves.  

Both Long and Machette were arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Karen Eisner Zucker on January 2 at 11:45 AM.    

Long faces four first degree misdemeanor charges including, retail theft, retail theft destroying electronic control tag, receiving stolen property and possession of an instrument of a crime with intent.    He also faces two other misdemeanor counts including possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

If convicted Long could be facing a maximum of 22 years of incarceration and maximum fines of $40,600.

Machette was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor of the first degree, along with receiving stolen property also a misdemeanor of the first degree.  If convicted Machette faces a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and maximum fines of $20,000.

Both Long and Machette were released after their arraignment on what is known as Signature Bond.  A signature bond is common in cases where a defendant has no prior criminal history, is not considered a flight risk and has committed a minor or non-violent misdemeanor crime.  

Basically, the defendant is required to agree to appear for their next court date without posting any monies.

Long and Machette are scheduled to next appear in court for their preliminary hearing on February 6, 2019.

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