PATERSON, NJ- Mayor-Elect Andre Sayegh has sent a second letter to Mayor Jane Warren-Williams requesting information related to issues he’ll inherit when he assumes the city’s top position on July 1.

In a letter dated May 16, Sayegh asked for a summary of each Collective Bargaining Agreement the City of Paterson has with the various labor unions representing municipal employees. There are currently 17 such agreements in place covering employees such as members of the Paterson Police Department and Fire Department, Paterson Public Library employees, and the city’s Department of Health.

While not considered Collective Bargaining Agreements, Fire Chief Brian McDermott and Police Chief Troy Oswald both work under contracts they reach individually with the city.

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The “key information” Sayegh is seeking, according to the letter, includes periods covered by the agreements, percentage salary/wage increases that the City is obligated to along with what the City estimates the total dollar cost to be, and the date of the next scheduled salary increase for each Agreement.

The letter also asked Williams to “freeze any salary/wage increases” that the city is not contractually obligated to under an existing Agreement, and to refrain from making any promotions that are not necessary “in the best interests of the City” during the transition period.

Earlier this week Sayegh requested an “assessment” from each department or agency head of the top issues and challenges their department is facing and other relevant information ranging from employees to audits of each.

While Williams did not respond to an email regarding Sayegh’s request a source with knowledge of the transition to date indicated that the relationship between the current mayor and the incoming mayor has been “cordial and accommodating.”