Here in New Jersey, we really love our changing seasons. But, the one part of our body that doesn’t seem to like the extreme temperature changes-our skin! As the seasons change, it’s important to keep your skincare regimen updated too! Here are a few of our tips to get your skin spring-ready!

Cleanse: In the spring and summer months, we tend to participate in more outdoor activities which lead to, you guessed it, sweat! Make sure you are cleansing you skin in the morning and before bed so you wash off dirt and oil. Bonus Tip: When we sweat, our first instinct is to wipe with our hands or arms- STOP, this can cause acne flare ups as dirt and oil from hands will get into your facial pores. Instead, keep a clean handkerchief handy.

Exfoliate: The winter months can cause our skin to seriously dry out. So, give yourself a good scrubbing to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells and remove built up dirt and oil in pores. “For facial skin, keep exfoliation to a minimum of once a week, twice maximum to prevent chafing and over drying,” says Stephanie Elwood, Active Center’s Licensed Aesthetician.

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Moisturize: During the spring months, you’ll most likely see less dry skin and more t-zone oil. Use a light, oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog your pores so skin is kept feeling hydrated, not greasy.

Protect: You should always remember to protect your skin with a daily application of sunscreen (look for moisturizer with SPF 15+). Many people just apply to their face, but don’t forget the neck, arms and hands (anywhere that will be exposed to the light). UV rays are present all year long (even on cloudy days) so the more you protect yourself, the better your skin will look years down the road.

Of course, getting facials on a regular basis will help keep your skin in check from season to season. Certified professionals at Active Center for Health and Wellness will be able to target your specific skincare needs and recommend a customized skincare regimen from the wonderful product lines that we carry.