MADISON, N.J.—Scares are an essential part of the Halloween season, but St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center wants to make sure family pets have all of the fun with none of the fright. The organization offers these tips on keeping furry friends safe and happy this October. “A little planning goes a long way toward keeping pets safe and healthy in their homes on Halloween,” says Erika Mathews, Vice President of Development & Communications at St. Hubert’s.


  • No human treats! Keep trick-or-treat bags and candy dishes out of animals’ reach. Candy is a staple of the season, but it can be a threat to animals. For example, chocolate can be deadly, and the artificial sweetener xylitol is poisonous to dogs. Plus, no one ever feels good after gobbling a whole bag of treats.
  • Clean up. Discarded candy wrappers and treat bags are enticing to animals, but they can cause choking and intestinal blockages.
  • Keep things calm. Most pets don’t want to greet little ghosts and goblins at the door, so keep them in a safe, quiet room while trick-or-treaters make the rounds.
  • Go battery powered. Jack-o-lanterns and creepy candelabras are essential in a haunted house, but these days battery powered candles look like the real thing and won’t singe the whiskers of curious pets.
  • Be the best dressed. If your pets don’t want to play dress up, don’t force them. If you have a patient pet, make sure costumes allow freedom of movement and don’t obstruct vision or breathing.
  • Be prepared. Make sure pets are wearing collars with tags and are microchipped with up-to-date information just in case.
  • Get in the spirit. If you really want your pet to be part of Halloween festivities, check local calendars for animal geared events like pet parades.

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