PARSIPPANY–In Lake Hiawatha today, Mayor Michael Soriano announced $4 million dollars in major grant funding for the Township at a press conference on North Beverwyck Road.

Lake Hiawatha, once a crowned jewel of Parsippany, has seen a decrease in cleanliness and aesthetic appearance over the years. In hopes for a redevelopment project designed to benefit the residents and community, there will be an infusion of capital which will include a new library, beatified streetscaping and a completion of what will be the largest contiguous tract of open space in Parsippany.

These grant funds were secured to improve the walk-ability and aesthetics of North Beverwyck Road, to benefit small businesses, to modernize Lake Hiawatha’s Library branch, and to work toward the creation of Henry N. Luther Park. These projects will benefit Parsippany’s economy and improve the quality of life in the most densely populated area in the Township.

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“Our refurbishment of North Beverwyck Road began with the installation of signs bearing its original name: Washington’s Trail,” said Mayor Soriano in an issued press release. “It continued with a major walkability study conducted in partnership with The College of New Jersey, and plans for streetscaping improvements to make this downtown a more walkable destination.”

There are several grants that will make this redevelopment possible. 

First, Lake Hiawatha will receive an award of $659,000 from the Morris County Open Space Grant to acquire a 5.4-acre tract of land along Knoll Road. This will complete the Township’s acquisition of 30 acres of contiguous open space, to create Henry N. Luther Park, which will be Parsippany’s largest municipal park, and the Township’s 32nd public park. In addition to passive and active recreation opportunities, the park will have direct access to the proposed Boonton Reservoir Trails Project. This acquisition will be the culmination of an over 30-year investment to preserve the open space in Lake Hiawatha.

The second grant will come in the form of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills being awarded $2,000,530 from the “Library Construction Bond Act (LCBA). These funds will be specific for construction of a brand new library branch in Lake Hiawatha. The new construction will also include critical technology upgrades to better serve and be more accessible to Township residents.

The third grant Lake Hiawatha will benefit from will be from the“FY2021 Municipal Aid Grant”.  This will award $351,700 specifically for the first phase of streetscaping. This program will widen sidewalks, improve traffic management, install new infrastructure, and advance other aspects to the benefit of North Beverwyck Road’s mobility, aesthetics, and economic activity.

In total, the three grants comprise $4,010,230 in direct economic investment into Lake Hiawatha and the surrounding community. This infusion of funds is unprecedented in the Township.

According to the press release issued by the Township, "These grants are a major step in the Soriano administration’s efforts to assist local businesses, improve the quality of life for residents, and make North Beverwyck Road a downtown destination."

The Mayor also state that some of the open space grant money will be earmarked for a new Cricket field for residents to utilize.

“Grant funds do not automatically appear,” Mayor Soriano said. “Our receipt of this capital is the culmination of months and years of hard work and dedication by our Township staff and professionals.”