PATERSON, NJ- New Jersey State Senator Nellie Pou released the following statement in response to comments by President Donald Trump disputing the results of a study conducted by George Washington University which found 3,000 individuals lost their lives in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria:

"As Puerto Ricans continue to try to rebuild their homes without the help of the Trump
administration, the President again reminded the nation how little he cares about the
Americans that live in Puerto Rico. His lack of empathy is somehow only surpassed by
his administration's inept response to the Hurricane Maria tragedy.

Unsurprisingly, GOP Senate nominee, Bob Hugin went silent for over 24 hours after
Pres. Trump's snide remarks towards the millions of Puerto Ricans throughout the
country, and in NJ, which has the third highest Puerto Rican population. Hugin’s delayed
response came in the form of a small tweet without even calling the President out by his
name. The fact that they hide when Pres. Trump publicly goes off the rails is an
incredibly loud statement in support of bullying, lies, and racism. They have acquiesced
to hate and chaos in order to remain in the good graces of the most extreme elements of
the Republican Party.

I'm grateful that we have a partner in Washington in Senator Bob Menendez, who is the
total opposite of Bob Hugin and Pres. Trump. After Hurricane Maria, the Senator was
among the first federal officials to tour the Island and his compassion towards the Puerto
Rican people, and all underrepresented Americans, is exemplary. One need only look at
his record of securing funding for the Island after Maria and his lifetime support of equal
treatment for Puerto Ricans. Indeed, NJ voters know they have an ally in Senator
Menendez and we will make that clear November 6th.