This is a question we get a lot at Shovlin Mattress Factory, usually with the assumption that memory foam is “better”.  And with all the hype provided by brand name marketing budgets surrounding memory foam, it’s no wonder.  Today, we’ll explain what it is about a latex mattress that makes it such a worthwhile option when you’re buying a mattress.

What is a latex mattress?

Specifically, we use Talalay latex in our mattresses.   It’s proven itself as the best latex on the market due to its longevity.  This type of latex has been in the industry for 40 years (unlike memory foam) and we’ve been selling it that entire time.

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The term ‘Talalay’ refers to the process used to produce the latex.  It is a very elaborate process that results in an extremely consistent mattress feel while adding longevity that will surpass any other mattress in the industry.  If you’d like the real knitty gritty on this process, check out the Wikipedia article here

Why should I buy a latex mattress?

Latex is hypoallergenic, mildew resistant and safe for folks with latex allergies – due to the fact that the protein that typically causes the allergic reaction is removed when the latex is still in liquid form.  And compared to a traditional spring mattress, there is less motion transfer.  So, if the person in bed next to you is attempting to sleep walk or gets in bed after you’re asleep, you will not be disturbed.

How do I go about using a latex mattress?

Set it and forget it would pretty much cover that question.  Latex mattresses are maintenance free so NO flipping and NO rotating necessary.  That alone convinces most of our customers why this mattress is for them!

Who else is using latex mattresses?

Well, considering most Europeans sleep on latex mattresses, it would seem America is a bit late to the party.  But don’t worry; we’ve got one JUST for you!