Dear Friend and Business Owner, 

            On Behalf of the South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club, SPJBC, we would like to ask for your support by becoming a Sign Sponsor. Your sign(s) will be displayed on the Ballpark’s Outfield Fences during the Baseball season for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Without the help of the business owner and the community, the Baseball Club’s Youth would not enjoy the many improvements that have and will be made at the complex. We are currently aggressively planning many new improvements to the complex for the upcoming year, which include new tarps, new bleachers and additional lighting.   As you probably already know, we are a non-profit organization. We are the Official Baseball program in the Borough of South Plainfield for Children ages 5 thru 18. We are also seeing increased costs and substantial growth at the facility partially due to the new construction going on in our Borough.  It costs approximately $400.00 per child per year to play baseball at SPJBC. We rely greatly on fundraisers such as this to help defray the costs of operations. The funds also make it more affordable for all children to play here at the club.   On behalf of the SPJBC’s Kids, Board Members, and all the Volunteers who give their time and support to this organization, we ask for your support as a sign sponsor.  

 2019 Subscriptions:                                                              Existing Sponsor Renewal

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68” x 40” New One Year Subscription:          $270.00                                  $225

68” x 40” New Two Year Subscription:          $360.00                                  $300

136” x 80” New One Year Subscription:        $720.00                                  $650

136” x 80” New Two Year Subscription:        $900.00                                  $750

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Enclosed Check# ______ Amount of ____________ for a ____ Year Subscription 

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 Please remit to: The SPJBC     PO. Box, 166 South Plainfield NJ. 07080. 

Shaun Morrison, Sign Sponsor Chairman.  908-251-3949.