BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The last few months have been unprecedented, unbelievable, and unpredictable. As a nation we have suffered many losses.  One choice we have each and every day is to choose to be kind. It seems like a simple message, because it is. If we treat people with love, understanding, and with a gentle heart, there will be peace. 

Silver Liming Foundation spreads kindness- it is OUR mission. We are an all-inclusive foundation, and we continue to help those in need. The foundation members knew it was important to acknowledge all the losses the 2020 Governor Livingston seniors endured. 

Last week the graduating seniors received their caps, gowns and a surprise. Silver Liming Foundation treated every senior to a personalized “Senior 2020 Quarantine” T-shirt. The t-shirts included the names of all 272 graduates.  Upon receiving the t-shirt, Jill Zimmermann smiled and said, “I feel appreciated.” Others reached out to share their gratitude:

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“The Silver Liming Foundation is a great charity created by an even greater and stronger teacher. Ms. Liming has been a great role model in my life. Her strength and passion is something to aspire to.  Thank you, Silver Liming for the 2020 Senior T-shirt.” ~Mark Pergola

“Ms. Liming has been inspiring us since she was our teacher at Mountain Park. She made every student feel special, included and loved...and as HS seniors she continues to spread that message. Receiving the awesome t-shirts from her Silver Liming Foundation was uplifting given the challenging year it was for the Class of 2020. Ms. Liming’s kindness and inspiration has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds; and we will be grateful to her always!”~ Julianne and Claudia Manieri

“It’s amazing that we will always have these shirts to remind us of this crazy time of being locked down! The lockdown, and these shirts, have shown me that people are always thinking of ways to help each other. Thank you, Silver Liming Foundation! ~Daniel Feely

During the months of May and June, Silver Liming Foundation continued to honor local groups with baskets of treats. The Berkeley Heights Police Department received two baskets full of snacks for the morning and evening shifts. The Berkeley Heights DPW also enjoyed a basket of treats from the foundation.  Last month, we highlighted both the BHVRS and the BHFD.  

These gestures along with countless others are the reasons Silver Liming Foundation successfully spreads one kind gesture at a time.

Please check out our website:  If you would like to help, you can donate three easy ways: Donate button on, Venmo @Silver-Liming, or send a check to: Silver Liming Foundation P.O. Box 463, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922.