A new Snowflake Ball will be held at the Salem Golf Club in February, after the North Salem School District told the Pequenakonck PTO it couldn’t happen on school grounds anymore or be a PTO event.

A “Save the Date” for the event was posted on Facebook giving the details: the Snowflake Ball is for PQ girls and their special guest, from 7-9 p.m., Feb. 8 at the Salem Golf Club.

Marcy Miller, who is co-president of the PQ PTO, is chairing the event privately along with a group of parents.

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“We want to make sure the Snowflake Ball is still offered for girls at PQ that so love this event,” Miller said. Additionally, the event will be open to K-5 girls that reside in North Salem who are homeschooled or attend private school.

PQ Principal Mary Johnson and Assistant Principal Stephanie Bell said last month that the Snowflake Ball could no longer be held as a school function or a PTO event because of state laws against gender discrimination. Traditionally, the PTO hosted the Snowflake Ball for girls and an adult and a Bowl-O-Rama event for boys and an adult.

Bowl-O-Rama was also cancelled by the district for the same reason. Miller said no one has stepped up to take on Bowl-O-Rama as a private event.

The PTO is currently brainstorming a different family spring event for elementary school community.

Miller also noted that it will cost more to attend this year’s Snowflake Ball because it can’t be held on school grounds anymore. Last year it cost $25 for a child and a special guest plus $10 for each additional daughter. The new ticket cost has not been set yet, Miller said, but it will be more than previous years.

Miller called this an “unfortunate consequence” of not being allowed to use the school for the Snowflake Ball.

“Historically, the PQ PTO has made great efforts to ensure that its students are never excluded admittance to an event because of financial hardships,” Miller said. “The PQ PTO graciously absorbs the cost if a family is unable to pay for a school event. Since this is no longer a PTO sponsored event, that assistance cannot be given.”

To that end, Miller said she’s hoping some in the community “would be gracious enough to help support this event.”

Last year, about 160 girls and their guest attended the Snowflake Ball at PQ.

“It was a unique opportunity for these young ladies to have a special night out with their dad or special guest and be the spotlight of that person’s attention,” Miller said. “It was about carving out a few hours and letting these little girls know howe important they are to their special guest; a dad or guest that took the time to bring them to an event that was important to them and an event that they could share with their friends from school.”

Any kind of support is welcome, Miller said, such as a business that wants to sponsor a DJ, or an individual that wants to make a donation to the general fund, or a parent that can help defray the cost for another child.

For more details or to help support this event, email nssnowflakeball@gmail.com.