SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - SOMA Action, a local group of activists with more than 900 members, is holding a "Nobody is Above the Law" rally on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 5 p.m. at the gazebo across from the South Orange firehouse, by the South Orange train station.

An email from Lilian Hawkins, President of SOMA Action, stated, "Yesterday, Trump fired Jeff Sessions, removed Rod Rosenstein from oversight of the Mueller investigation, installed a loyalist as interim Attorney General, and called the Russia investigation 'a hoax.' This was the 'breaking glass' moment. It's obstruction of justice, plain and simple. Today, with 900 other groups around the country, we're getting in the streets, and screaming. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW, especially the president."

"Let’s stand together, as a community, and defend the rule of law and our democracy," stated Hawkins.

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