Dear Editor,

I am writing to offer my strong support of Sophia Chadda and Jon Sandler for Bernards Township Committee.  Sophia is someone who can bring her intelligence, incredible work ethic, and knowledge of local business needs to leadership in our local government.  Like Sophia, Jon is smart and highly accomplished.  He has an easygoing manner and ability to see issues from a balanced perspective, which will be an asset on the Township Committee.  

Sophia and Jon are both dedicated family people who have chosen to raise their children in Bernards Township.  They are active in their faith communities and have shown their commitment to the local community in the capacity of coach, class parent, local business owner, local board member, and most importantly, friend and neighbor.      

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Both Sophia and Jon demonstrate the values and characteristics any Bernards Township resident wants to see in local leadership. Their strong platform emphasizes the need for business revitalization; once elected, they will work with local businesses and will help us enhance our struggling business districts, an essential plan amid the economic hardships that lay ahead in this time of uncertainty.  Like many of my neighbors, I want to see more going on downtown, and Sophia and Jon have plans to facilitate local events, such as live music and a restaurant week, in order to bring more life to our town once the pandemic eases its grip on society.

Sophia and Jon have committed themselves to improving Bernards Township’s record on diversity and inclusion.  They applaud local efforts by Township Committeewoman Joan Bannan Harris and a local grassroots organization of hard-working advocates in order to establish a Human Rights Advisory Committee and will work to help our local government make all members of our community, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and differently-abled individuals, feel welcome and valued.

In this era of divisiveness, I would like to leave behind the name-calling and vitriol that has become the center (pun intended, maybe) of American politics.  I will only say that I want to see more of us acknowledge our commonality amid the landmines of snark and intolerance of this egregious chapter in our national legacy.  Both Sophia and Jon are the kind of people anyone would like, and they both count Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters among their friends and neighbors.  I know they will do great things for Bernards Township.  

Please join me in voting for Sophia Chadda and Jon Sandler for Bernards Township Committee.


Elizabeth Graner

Chair, Bernards Township Democratic Committee

Basking Ridge