WEST ORANGE, NJ — The Sosa Insurance Group, which opened an office at 450 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange in the fall, specializes in Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare and Medicaid plans and dental, as well as some individual and long-term care plans.

According to owner George Sosa, Sosa Insurance Group is "dedicated to offering Medicare beneficiaries a complete understanding of all their Medicare options."

Sosa added that his office can assist in the process for anyone who is retiring and getting Medicare; disabled and under 65 and has Medicare; turning 65; has Medicare and Medicaid; receiving assistance for Part D prescriptions; or recently moved to New Jersey and have Medicare.

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"We pride ourselves in assisting the consumer’s Medicare options by reviewing their current doctors, prescriptions and offering the correct plan for them based on their needs," said Sosa. "Finally, we are dedicated to assist our enrollees throughout their Medicare journey."

Contact Sosa Insurance Group at (973) 902-5445 or newarkconsulting@gmail.com for more information.