As the Irish Band U-2 might sing, isn't it just 'the sweetest thing' - the sounds that come with the color Green? And what a long strange winter it's been:

Cold, cold, cold snow, cold snow, cold Nor'easter blizzard, snow on Wednesday, snow on Wednesday, snow on Wednesday, Nor'easter blizzard, earthquake, goat (well, at least one goat spotted, in Summit) Everything closed AGAIN? Nor'easter drowning rain detours floods - budget address - what's next, fire? - asks my Mom in the Midwest, adding, 'What have you people been up to?' Reveling. St Patrick's Day.

And then, could it be, despite all the rain? Fire! Blocks the NJ Transit trains.

But remember, 'This too shall pass.'

And in the space between paragraphs, the pause between seasons- sun, sun, sun. Blessed sunshine. Warming. Greening. Budding. Singing. Got a report from Peapack-Gladstone: the peepers are out! (If you've never heard the peepers sing, listen: roll down your car windows near woody patches with water over the next couple of weeks. Turn off the car radio and ipod and listen: nature's awesome invisible chorus.)

Spring's first carpenter bee. Robins up and singing at 5:43. Neighbor blasting birthday party music 'Splish splash I was takin' a bath' while I wash my car in shorts in the sun. If this is plagues and pestilence, bring it! And Cheryl Crow sings from a passing radio, 'I --- wanna soak up the sun…'

Weather changes again. This too shall pass. But truly, our long hard winter is over. Now, to do something about getting the budget green…have you ever heard total strangers stop and exclaim about teachers and state aid cuts to education? We had quite a lively visit at the King's in Berkeley Heights!

Bigger even than cash and King's and all things green: Thank God for the vernal equinox.

And for the peepers. They would have to be among springtime's sweetest things in the green Garden State. The music comes, one weekend, perhaps two, and then they are gone, back to the invisible place of faith.

Then summer comes: have ever seen a green tree frog with your own two eyes?!

Here now, in the spring, what are your favorite spots for hearing the peepers? I like the stretch of River Road before it becomes Long Hill Road in Berkeley Heights. If you turned right at the TD Bank off Springfield Ave, (another green landmark) cross the bridge that sometimes floods with water (watch out for turtles crossing) and hit that patch of woods - every day now, take a listen, until you hear…

…your faith in the invisible will be rewarded with beautiful music.

A great way to tune in and listen, and become one with nature (your own) is Meditation- Join us Wednesdays at 5:30 at the Clarence Dillon Public Library in Bedminster. Interesting and fun and just $5!