SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department has approved a contract to supply every officer with a body camera, in-car camera and a taser unit. The Township Council approved a five-year contract with Axon Enterprises for one million dollars. The police department will also receive $205,000 from the state’s Body Worn Camera Grant. This funding will cover the expenses of 91 new body cameras for the first year, according to a tweet from the department.

            In November 2020, Governor Murphy signed legislation requiring all police officers to wear body cameras. The state legislature appropriated $58 million to pay for the equipment.

            Prior to this legislation, South Brunswick Police were not required to wear a body camera. All South Brunswick police vehicles come equipped with a dash cam.

            According to the police department, The body worn cameras are on order and are expected soon. The new in-car cameras and tasers are not expected to be available for several months.

            “We wanted to provide our officers all available resources, and having the video from all 3 cameras on the same platform is efficient, and increases transparency,” Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said in a released statement.

            Axon Enterprise is a law enforcement technology company based in Arizona. All footage from Axon’s cameras will be stored to a cloud on Videos are tagged based on the situation and sensitive information (such as faces, license plates, etc.) will be redacted, according to recent police testimony.

            According to the police department, residents can access footage from these cameras by filing an Open Public Records Request. To file an OPRA request in South Brunswick Township, please click here.