SPARTA, NJ – Sparta High School interim Principal Bud Beavers has announced the December Students of the Month.  Each area of study nominates a student each month. 

The Music Department has selected Robert Chen.  Chen’s teacher said, “Robert is a senior and has made amazing progress on the violin over the past four years. His freshman year he joined orchestra and had never played the violin before. He worked very hard and through his great dedication not only learned to play the violin very well but successfully auditioned for the honors philharmonic orchestra his Junior and Senior years.”

Lorenzo Rendina was nominated by honors physics teacher Andrew Bickerton to represent science.  Bickerton said, “Rendina has a A+ average for the year so far.  Rendina is always respectful and ready to learn when the bell rings.  He contributes in class with inquisitive questions and by helping solve problems up at the front of the class.  He is a great class citizen by helping those around him with the material being covered.”

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The English department chose Caitlin Scarpa.  Her teacher said, “Caitlin is a truly valuable member of her English class.She is the wonderful artist who donned her classroom with her six ‘hero’ paintings. Caitlin has been truly engaged with "Anthem" and has shared not only valuable insights about the book and its purpose, but she has also pointed out literary flaws in its structure. Through all of her endeavors, Caitlin is constantly reaching out to discover new understandings of our themes and offer her own perspectives for all of us to consider.”

Senior Luis Stylianakis represents the Performing Arts department for his work in his Intro to Acting class.His teacher said, "Luis is fearless on stage and he makes great choices to create fun characters that every student in class laughs with. Luis takes physical and vocal risks in his performance that pay off with huge laughs. This marking period, Luis also led his group to write an amazing play called 'Captain Jack's Crab Shack' about a wild seaside cook named Captain Jack.  Luis's creativity and energy are a daily treat for our entire class."

The Mathematics department has selected freshman Shaelin Murphy for her work in her honors geometry class. Her teacher said, “Shaelin is always full of bright and positive energy when she comes to math.  She is highly focused and motivated when it comes to all her work.  What makes Shaelin stand out is the joy in which she completes her work and works with her classmates.  Her happiness and work ethic will carry her and I think she has a very bright future at Sparta High School.”

Tyler “T-Money” Liskowicz was chosen by the Physical Education department.  His teacher said, “Tyler is an exemplary student in physical education class. He is always prepared for the daily activity and is the first to offer any help with setup. Tyler is also very helpful with his fellow students in class and his personality keeps the class positive and fun.” 

Joe Liotta represents the History department for December.  Liotta’s teacher said, “Joe, stands out as a conscientious student who is always engaged in the learning. He asks in-depth questions and enjoys the concepts of history. I recommend him for the student of the month. He is a pleasure to have in class.”

Freshman Bektur Totoshev was chosen by the World Language department for his work in German.  Totoshev’s teacher said, “Bektur's daily positive attitude is a welcome addition to class, and he is always attentive and eager to participate. His willingness to use German whenever possible and to try out new expressions -- to take "risks" in the language -- speaks volumes about his character of perseverance, and it will help him go far with his linguistic and other academic pursuits in the future.”

The Art department selected Ande Wittenmeier.  Her teacher said, “Ande is an innately talented artist who consistently strives to improve her work and not allow herself to stagnate. While many students fear starting a project over, Ande sees opportunity in learning from less successful attempts to become a better artist.” 

Sophomore Melanie DiDomizio represents the Marketing/Technology, Career and Consumer Science department for her work in Digital Graphics and Design class.  Her teacher said, “Melanie is a hardworking, responsible and caring individual. She is determined to improve and always positive!    She is a shining star.”