SPARTA, NJ- Sparta Middle School has announced the students of the second marking period for the 2020-2021 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level selected two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community. 

The teachers shared their comments about the students chosen for the second marking period.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Amber team selected Zechariah Cook and Julia Maglaras.

Zechariah Cook is an engaged learner who is interested in learning, actively participates and willing to share his ideas.  He is a natural leader and well-liked by both his teachers and peers.  In his free time, Zechariah’s favorite thing to do is play basketball. He also enjoys riding his bike, playing soccer, playing with his dogs or spending time with his sister or three brothers.  The Amber Team is fortunate to have him as a student.

Julia Maglaras is a sweet, conscientious student who always does the right thing.  She is helpful and kind to everyone. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.  She always gives her best effort in everything she does. Julia loves to draw. She also enjoys gymnastics, swimming, the beach,and spending time with her family. The Amber Team is proud to have Julia as a student.

The Sapphire team chose Mia O’Hare and Victoria Tynes.

Mia O’Hare has a strong work ethic and demonstrates excellent student skills in our classes.  She is inquisitive and willing to ask questions or clarify understanding.  Mia is proactive about following up on work assignments and is responsible and respectful in discussions.  She is considerate of others and shows a caring attitude towards her classmates.  She is a pleasure to have as a student on the Sapphire Team.

Victoria Tynes is a model student who demonstrates excellent skills in the academic setting.  She is hardworking, responsible and always willing to help others.  She is respectful and adds a perspective to class discussions or conversations.  We enjoy having her as a student in our classes.

The Topaz team chose Valeria Kopco and Canny Westervelt.

Valerie Kopco’s intrinsic motivation drives her to achieve academic excellence.  She has a mature, well-rounded sense of responsibility, which shows in her commitments to her studies. The Topaz Team teachers can always count on Valerie to offer insightful comments during class discussions.  Her infectious smile and positive attitude spread quickly to anyone in her presence.

Danny Westervelt always shows up to class early with his camera on ready to tackle whatever challenges the day has in store for him with a smile on his face.  He’s actively engaged in the material and always demonstrates enthusiasm for the content.  Whether he is collaborating with classmates or working independently, his presence always radiates a positive energy.

The seventh grade teams are Diamond, Garnet and Ruby.

The Diamond team selected Riley Evans and Jacob Weinstock.

Riley Evans is an incredible young lady - full of intellectual curiosity, open to new ideas, and has a creative way of expressing herself.  Conscientious in all she does, Riley is a global thinker, and has developed a sense of depth and insight beyond her years.  Whether it’s a small homework assignment or a major project, she goes above and beyond to produce outstanding work.  Additionally, Riley elevates discourse and is a deep thinker who epitomizes what it means to strive for academic success.  The Diamond Team teachers are very proud to have Riley on our Team.

Jacob Weinstock is one of those rare students who works very hard, is diligent in all he does, and is dedicated to surpassing his accomplishment in each previous assignment.  Not only is he an excellent, Jacob is well-rounded, polite and interested in sports and music.  It is clear that he has what it takes to be a success at whatever he chooses to do.  Jacob’s quiet strength and integrity make him a role model for all.  He is a stellar example of how today’s youth are a generation of commendable character.

The Garnet team selected Jake Etro and Nick Panaite

Jake Etro is truly a joy in our classes and Garnet Team community.  Jake is always self-advocating for himself and doing his best.  Jake is a model student for asking questions, completing the work, and attending Academic Assistance when he needs extra help or a questioned answered.  He is alert while in class as to what is going on, what we are learning and also having his camera on and participating.  He is a team player and sets the bar high.  The teachers of the Garnent Team are so happy to have Jake set the example of an outstanding student on our team.

Nick Panaite is a student who is always proactive and doing his best for himself and also others on the Garnet team.  Nick is always going above and beyond in the virtual or hybrid classroom.  He takes any challenge head on and always has a plan; whether it be asking for extra help, completing assignments early, or taking initiative to further his own education.  His camera is always on and Nick is a student full of positivity and always lending a helping hand to those around him.  The teachers of the Garnet team notice that Nick goes above and beyond in any situation and are very proud to have him represent our team.

The Ruby team chose Emma Burke and Stone Herbison.

Emma Burke is a model student who is responsible, focused, detailed and an active participant in her education.  She is one the students who participates most frequently in all of her classes and adds the necessary details to enhance the learning experience for her peers.  She advocates for herself and often asks the types of high-quality questions that her classmates may need or want to ask but do not have the courage to do so.  She demonstrates an attention to detail that is exceptional and she never misses deadlines for her assignments.  Her outgoing personality can be felt through the virtual classroom and makes her a joy to teach everyday.  The Ruby Team is lucky to have such a kind-hearted and focused student.  Congrats and keep it up Emma.

Stone Herbison represents the 6 Pillars of Character at Sparta Middle School.  Over the course of the second marking period, his teachers have observed how hard he works, his attention to detail, and the high level of respect he shows both his teachers and classmates. Stone is reliable and honest.  He too completes his work on time, with accuracy and supportive details. When he is unsure of something, he will often ask questions for clarification and participates frequently in class.  Teachers on the Ruby team enjoy educating Stone because he enhances the classroom with his thoughtful discussion points and responses to challenging questions.  Congrats Stone, keep up the hard work.

The eighth grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team selected Jaimin Duberry and Elladia Jones.

Jaimin Duberry is a hard worker who participates actively in class. He works well with others, has a positive attitude and always strives to do his best.

Elladia Jones ia always pushing herself to improve.  She makes good use of Academic Assistance, participates actively in class discussions, and is a helpful member of break-out groups.

The Jade team selected Madision Maines and Yasmina Mohamed.

Madison Maines has the qualities of an exemplar student and citizen.  Regardless of whether or not something is difficult, she always puts forth her best effort. Rather than get discouraged by challenges, giving up, or making excuses, she looks at these situations as opportunities to improve and grow.  She is always smiling, engaged in class, and striving to do better.  We are lucky to have Madison on the Jade team and in our classes.

Yasmina Mohamed always shows tremendous pride in her work by being extremely thorough and going above and beyond.  She self-advocates but still works and thinks independently and takes responsibility for herown choices and behavior.  She is driven to do the right thing because of her own character not because of potential consequences.  The teachers on the Jade team are proud to give this award to Yasmina.

The Pearl team selected Brianna Brennan and PJ Maraziti.

Brianna Brennan is the Pearl team’s student of the marking period. Brianna is an active participant in her classes.  She is extremely organized, as she never misses a deadline or an assignment.  Brianna is able to navigate distance learning with ease, asking thoughtful questions and seeking additional clarification when needed.  This is not an easy task in our current learning environment.  We’re excited to witness her growth and progress this year and to hear of her future success in high school.

PJ Maraziti is the Pearl team’s student of the marking period.  PJ is hard-working, kind and has a fantastic attitude.  PJ is self-motivated and responsible. He always participates in class and demonstrates diligence and genuine interest in his studies. We are excited to have PJ on the Pearl team this year and look forward to watching him grow.

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