SPARTA, N.J., October 21, 2020 — Sparta resident and mother of two boys, Jodi Willenborg, has launched Rest Sleep Rise, a child sleep consulting firm dedicated to bringing sleep back to the family -just in time for the time change that often plagues parents with sensitive sleepers. With the dreaded “fall back” time change occurring the day after Halloween, parents with young, napping children can be ‘haunted’ by the idea of their child getting off schedule when it comes to all important sleep. Rest Sleep Rise is here to offer new ways to help sleepy parents with a variety of packages designed to fit each family’s unique needs and budget. As part of its grand opening celebration and to help combat time change sleep regression, Rest Sleep Rise if offering a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation that can be scheduled by visiting

“My own experiences as a sleep deprived mother coupled with my passion for helping others inspired me to become a Certified Child Sleep Consultant,” said Jodi Willenborg, Certified Sleep Consultant and Founder of Rest Sleep Rise. “I knew I would have the empathy to fully understand what exhausted parents are going through, and once I received my certification, I launched Rest Sleep Rise with an unwavering desire to help as many parents and children as possible!”

In a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick, it was revealed that parents experience up to 6 years of sleepless nights following the birth of their children. While the random sickness or occasional nightmare was to blame, it certainly goes without saying that if parents did not know how to help their children sleep well, their own sleep suffered drastically. This is where a child sleep consultant, like Jodi Willenborg of Rest Sleep Rise steps in.

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With the looming time change, transitioning young children into their new schedule can be tricky and even scary! However, there are a few measures that Jodi recommends parents can take to help prepare their little ones for the shift:

  • Decide on an approach. Parents can either do nothing and begin their child’s new schedule the day we turn the clock, or they can take a more gradual approach. If choosing the latter, it’s important to devote about 4 days ahead of the time change to shifting their child’s bedtime and naps later by 15 minute increments. By the end of the 4th day, children are better adjusted to deal with the new time.
  • Keep the bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is a signal that sleep is coming. It can be as simple as a bath, a book, and a few snuggles. Though it might need to be a bit shorter those first couple of nights if baby is extra tired, parents should make sure they don’t abandon it altogether.
  • Finally, be a bit more understanding. Some children are extra sensitive to the change so parents should know that it might bring on a few tantrums or mood changes as a child adjusts, but these usually smooth out within a week or so.

Jodi trained with world renowned Deborah Pedrick and her team at the Family Sleep Institute where she obtained her Certification in Child Sleep Consulting. She also holds certificates in SIDS prevention and education as well as Lactation Management. Through her training, Jodi further learned the importance of consolidated, quality sleep and how a lack of it can be detrimental to the health of both parents and children. She hopes to share this message with as many families as possible and has already done some important work to help other Sparta mothers.

“My husband and I were exhausted waking up every 2 hours with our 6 month old son but Jodi took away any anxiety I was feeling from the very beginning with her straightforward approach and calm energy,” said Andrea DeSena, Sparta resident and mother of a 6, 2 and nearly 1-year-old children. “She made sure we were comfortable and confident in our plan. Our son showed immediate progress. He now easily falls asleep by himself, stays asleep, and wakes up happy, rested, and ready to engage. My husband and I will forever be grateful. Sleep is a wonderful thing!”

About Child Sleep Consultants

Certified Sleep Consultants are trained to create individualized sleep plans for their clients based on each family’s particular goals, needs and parental philosophies. Their role is to educate and empower parents providing not only science based sleep advice, but also the invaluable one-on-one support that is so needed when parents begin making changes. So, in a real sense, a sleep consultant is a parent’s teacher, coach, and cheerleader all rolled into one!

About Rest Sleep Rise

Rest Sleep Rise, founded by Jodi Willenborg in 2020, helps exhausted parents by providing one-on-one support to combat sleep issues often found in babies and young children. Rest Sleep Rise’s mission is to empower and educate parents by offering them real solutions to solve any type of sleep challenge. With the ability to help families all over the world, Rest Sleep Rise strives to bring a level of expertise and support to its clients that is unparalleled. To learn more, visit or follow on Instagram and Facebook.