As I walked out of my house this morning, the sun was coming up and a fog was rising off my front lawn.  Large, thick dew drops hung to every tree leaf and blade of grass as if they were going to be there for eternity.  There was a previously invisible spider web, now made visible by the thick dew on the bushes on my front lawn.  I could clearly see the web, which was now bolder than ever before, and the small green spider in the middle of it all, waiting. 

I thought to myself how amazing nature really is that she grants us these completely free “wonder” moments.  I then reminisced on another scenario that plays out every single day, unnoticed by most, but held dear to my wife and me.  Every morning right before my wife drops off my seven year old daughter to school, her little brother, just a few months over four, says to his big sister, “Special Surprise?”  To which she says, “Yes, afterschool.”  And, on most days she has a surprise waiting for him. 

A pencil, eraser, paper airplane, bead, or any other item she can make or has laying around in her desk at school makes an instant gift for her little brother.  The look on his face is pure excitement as he plays with his new gift. On some days, his face beams brighter than the sun itself. As nature and my daughter have learned, some of life’s best moments are the pleasant “surprises” we can give others that enrich not only their lives, but ours as well. 

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And, if you ask me, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing the face of a kid light up from the beauty of the unexpected moment.

Go ahead and try it today.  Give a “special surprise” to someone you care about or someone you don’t even know.

I promise you, it will warm your heart.

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