MONTVILLE, NJ – The Montville Township High School Hall of Fame held its 2017 induction ceremony on Nov. 17. Among the 10 individuals and one team inducted were teacher and coach Cindy Beradino, class of 2001 wrestler Chris Cvitan, class of 2007 swimmer Lauren English and the 2009 wrestling team.

The Hall of Fame inducts graduates based on their achievements during their high school, college, and/or careers. Inductees are chosen by a committee composed of 11 community members, teachers, and graduates.

Cindy Beradino

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Third-time inductee Cindy Beradino was introduced by friend, co-worker and former athlete Danielle Stanton.

Beradino taught at Montville Township High School for 36 years, was head lacrosse coach for 20 years and head cross country coach for 11 years, Stanton said, and her teams had 13 conference championships, eight county championships, three state sectional championships and one state championship. Her 1984 lacrosse team and her 2002 cross country team were inducted into Montville’s Hall of Fame.

“She was extremely tough on her athletes, but it was something all of us appreciated later in life,” Stanton said. “She taught us how to be responsible, competitive, and how to take the good days with the bad.”

Beradino said she was humbled by the award and happy to shut out all the bad going on in the world and concentrate on good things, such as congratulating all the inductees.

“Teaching at Montville made me a wealthy person; not monetarily of course, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s secondary,” she said. “What really matters are the people that were part of my journey and the lasting friends that developed. No one dreamed bigger than me, because I dreamed that I would coach the best athletes in the state, and I did. I dreamed that I would have championship teams, and I did. It’s amazing when your dreams come true. Every day I realized how blessed I was, having the best job in the world. Being inducted in the Hall of Fame tonight is a perfect ending to a perfect career.”

Chris Cvitan

Chris Cvitan was introduced by friend Brian Kapral. He teased that Cvitan was a terrible wrestler his first year, but improved.

“I think wrestling does great things for people,” Kapral said. “Chris was a natural competitor.”

According to the induction ceremony booklet, Cvitan was a Morris County Champion and two-time finalist, a Region I Champion and two-time finalist, two-time New Jersey State Tournament Qualifier placing top 12 and seventh in the state. He was captain of the MTHS team his junior and senior years. The 2000-2001 team qualified for the team state tournament for the first time in school history and made it to the state semi-finals, the booklet stated. Cvitan finished his high school career with 83 wins, which was the second most all time, and he held school records for 33 wins in a season and 21 falls. He was named to the first team All Conference, All County and All State teams, according to the booklet.

He went on to wrestle at James Madison University, and was the first Montvillian to compete at the NCAA Division I level. He was the first JMU national qualifier with the most victories by a heavyweight in almost 20 years, and tied 18th all time in wins, the booklet said. He finished 13th Heavyweight in the nation.

After college he returned to Montville and aided the MTHS wrestling staff with the winning 2009 team.

Cvitan thanked his family for their support.

“Even when I got good, my mother would never watch because she was always afraid I would get hurt,” Cvitan said. “Back then Montville was not the power house it is today. I was the eighth person to join the team. We were rudderless kids and the coaches gave us focus.”

Lauren English

Lauren English is the only swimmer ever to be a state champion four years in a row for the backstroke, and she still holds the state record in that event, according to the booklet. She won the state championship in the 50 freestyle in her senior year, and she set the national high school 100-meter public school record at the county meet in Morristown, the booklet said. She was named National High School Swimmer of the Year in 2007 by the National High School Swim Coaches’ Association and was a nine-time High School All American and multiple Academic All American, the booklet stated. She represented the U.S. as a member of the U.S. Junior and Senior National Swim Teams. After a ninth place finish at the Olympic trials at age 15, she was chosen as a member of the Junior National Team. In 2005, she placed second at the U.S. Open Swimming Championships, and continued to place in the top three at events across the country for backstroke, also traveling to Thailand in 2007 for the World University Games. She continued to swim while at the University of Georgia and was named an Academic All American, according to the booklet.

She was introduced by her father, Patrick.

“Lauren won 10 Morris Hills conference championships, seven Morris County championships, eight times high school All American, five state championships, three state records – one she broke herself and one still stands, national high school records – one still stands, Gatorade Female Athlete of the Year, and so on, but that’s not really what I consider to be her major accomplishment,” he said. “What even members of her family don’t know is, just before she graduated from college, she came down with a very serious ailment. It was an extremely difficult time for her. We had to rush her to the hospital a number of times – sometimes unconscious – and always in great pain. She had, I think, 20 surgeries over the next few years. I deal with athletes, and they have something in them that others just don’t – in a good way – and Lauren had that. She decided she wanted to go into medicine, got a nursing degree and works at Columbia University Medical Center. Because of what she did in high school, she always had a positive attitude when she was sick, and never gave up.”

Lauren said, “My high school days molded me to become the person I am today. Everyone in this room had to make sacrifices to get where they are today.”

English talked about how her family supported her, cheering for her, driving her to practices and meets, and teachers would let her take tests early if they knew she was traveling for swimming.

2009 MTHS Wrestling Team

Coach John Krip introduced the 2009 MTHS wrestling team.

He offered thanks to all those involved in making the team a success, such as the parents, the Recreation coaches, and the volunteers.

“We had back-to-back years winning 22 matches,” Krip said. “Their senior year we ended with a 22-2 record. We had some great individuals and also a great team attitude. They were North 1 Group 3 state sectional champions for the first time in school history. They were also the runner up in the group 3 state wrestling championships – also for the first time in school history. They were district II champions and Northern Hills skyline champions – both for the first time in 30 years, and they were ranked 18th in the state. They had a combined record of 359 wins to 161 losses in the 2008-2009 year. They had 182 pins 617 takedowns. There were 11 individuals with more than 20 wins – and six had more than 30 wins.

“Cody Phillips set a school record with 116 career wins, and Shane Parcel won 38 matches in that season, which was a new school record.

“Every year we set goals as coaches and winning is great. But for me to see the guys today from where they graduated – that’s a win for our coaching staff. We have a lot of great kids on the team doing a lot of great things in life, and that’s seven or eight years out of high school. The pride I take in what they’re doing now is more than what they accomplished in high school. As coaches, we just hope that somewhere down the road, what we do is going to make a difference. Preaching that dedication and commitment, the pride, the work ethic, and making sure they know that things in life don’t come easy. The harder you work, things are going to get better. When things are bad, you work harder and you make it better. I think that’s what we passed on to our team and I think they turned out to be a batch of fine young men and I’m very proud of that,” Krip concluded.

Cvitan said, “I was lucky to be a 2009 assistant coach, and these young men exemplify everything that’s great with athletics. I was lucky enough to forge lasting friendships with them. I’m in awe of the fine young gentlemen they’ve become and the excellence they’ve shown on the mat in high school, they’ve carried through to their lives today. What made that team was the bond they held – and still maintain.”

Krip introduced assistant coaches Rick DeBonta, Joe Gyulay, Billy Templeton, Chris Cvitan, Spencer Hollerith and Marcus Ivy; managers Alana Salvano, Courtney Armbruster, Nicole Collemi, Kim Armbruster.

Members: Kevin Alexander, Matt Armbruster, Qasim Azhar, Billy Mulligan, Vinnie Lizza, Shane Parcel, Cody Phillips, Tyler Phillips, Mark Sidebottom, Greg Barnish, Michael Fortenza, Tyler Bernstein, Rob Glasse, Mike Intile, Mike Polizzi, Rob Tancer.