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Spotlight On The Randolph Rescue Squad


RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Rescue Squad held their Annual Installation Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 1. The dinner installs new officers and the Board of Directors into their future positions. It also recognizes the work of previous Rescue Squad Leadership.

“It provides an area to award and recognize the work of the volunteers with the new organization,” said Sergeant Adam Glauberg.

A few different members of the town, including town officials and leaders from local first responder organizations are invited to the dinner to be personally thanked by the squad for their support. The dinner is generally a private event created for the members and honorees.

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Weather Impact

New Jersey’s recent weather has surprisingly kept a consistent emergency call volume from the town for the Randolph Rescue Squad. During a storm, the squad stations additional crew members throughout town who are available to respond to calls. Officers respond to different portions of the town because the squad is well aware that it might take others longer to get to a specific destination.

“When it comes to inclement weather a lot of it is preparation and being ready to meet the needs of the town at any time,” said Todd Houston, Captain of the Randolph Rescue Squad.

Car accidents have increased, but fortunately accidents have not been as severe due to the fact that people tend to go slowly. Although with the ice and snow, there have been a lot of cases of slips and falls throughout town. The snowstorms have driven pedestrians out of their homes to shovel their driveways. Snow and ice have not been easy to get rid of because of the recent salt shortage. It has stuck to the roads in sheets of ice and has become unsafe and unstable for pedestrians to walk around on.

"Inclement weather adds an additional factor to the Squad’s regular activity." said Houston. “Our organization is called upon regularly during storms to provide safe transportation to the hospital using highly skilled Emergency Medical Technicians.”


The Rescue Squad is an all-volunteer organization. To recruit members, the organization advertises information on their website, the Randolph town newsletters, and on the town’s bulletin boards.

“Recruitment is an important part of what we do,” said William Stroh, President of the Randolph Rescue Squad. “We’re always looking for volunteers.”

No training is needed to become a part of the Randolph Rescue Squad. The organization takes care of all the necessary training from beginning to end. Starting volunteers match up with one of the agency's crew chiefs or officers who teache them the ropes.

Any outside training is paid for by the organization. Training includes EMT, first-aid and CPR.

The Squad has a junior member program that allows 16 years olds to join. Junior members get the same amount of training as older volunteers. Junior volunteers work under a mentor in the organization that always accompanies them.

“We have members of the community, from every walk of life, every age, every stage, who are part of our organization,” said President Stroh.

The organization is responsible for providing emergency medical services for the town from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day of the week and all weekend.  At times they are called upon during daytime hours to provide additional support when ambulances in town are unavailable.

The organization supports events and activities for community programs, including school activities and town recreation programs by providing onsite medical staff and ambulances at no cost. The squad has also participated in the country fair.

“There are a lot of different standbys we do throughout the year for out community and for just about every type of activity you can think of” said Captain Houston

Most volunteers have part-time or full-time jobs during regular office hours. If someone is needed there are volunteers who make themselves available to take calls.  Volunteers carry pagers alerting them to emergencies that require their assistance.

“We have a number of dedicated volunteers around town who, if something comes in, are able to respond even during the day,” said Glauberg.


Most of the organization’s funds are from fundraising and donations from members of the community.

“We are tremendously thankful for that and the support we get from the community,” said Stroh. “We have great support.”

Residents regularly send in donations that also support the squads ongoing operations Support is also given from the town and other organizations within Randolph.  Most donations are a result of the Squads annual fundraising letter that they send out to each of the residents in town.  The letter provides knowledge about the squad’s service and offers an opportunity to donate to the organization.

For more information check out their website, CLICK HERE

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