SPRINGFIELD, NJ - At Tuesday night's meeting, the Springfield Township Committee took the chance to officially honor a long-time township employee one last time before his departure.

Sam Mardini, who has been with the township since 1993, was presented with a plaque honoring him for more than two decades of service in his position. After being presented with the award and a short speech from Mayor Eria Dubois, Mardini stepped to the microphone to deliver his remarks.

"As you know, Springfield is my hometown," Mardini said. Even though I don't live here but I feel like I do. I spend more hours here than I spend at home. I have enjoyed my work here for 26 years and a month."

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"I have communicated with all of my colleagues and many Springfield residents, and I have made many many friends, hopefully, no enemies," Mardini added with a slight chuckle.

Mardini also said that he relied on his colleagues to succeed in the projects that he has worked on, and that he wanted to thank Springfield and its residents for the opportunity that he had to serve the town."

In order to fill the remainder of Mardini's term on the Union County Committee on Revenue Sharing, the township committee has appointed long-time Springfield resident Margaret Bandrowski for the position. She will finish out the rest of his term, which expires on Dec. 31, 2019.

When asked about stepping in to fill the role, Bandrowski said that she is thankful to have been put forward as a replacement by Mardini, and that she is familiar with the revenue sharing committee from her other experience in town.

"I am honored that he spoke to me to tell me he was going to nominate me to take his place," Bandrowski said. "It's a board that I'm familiar with over the years, having submitted grants...I've been involved in appointing people to the board, so I look forward to the opportunity to serve."