MONTVILLE, NJ – The State of New Jersey recently released the death statistics for the pandemic for all municipalities.

Other municipalities had released death figures but Montville has not since the beginning of the pandemic. Montville Township Health Officer Aimee Puluso presents health and COVID statistics to the Board of Health at their monthly meetings, and she explained why at the April 12 meeting, “Beginning with this report, the number of deaths is included [in your] report. [The state’s dashboard added] this new tab for cases by municipality, and it includes information for any municipality with over 20,000 people for the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of hospital discharges. With that number being released by the state -- I verified with the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry and received an email from the state registrar confirming that yes, we were allowed to publish that, now that the state has, and so we're including that information in our monthly reports to the board. We have included on our website [and] we've noted on that link that new information as of that date which was towards the end of March, was now available.”

According to the dashboard, Montville has lost 31 residents to the pandemic since its beginning, in the following age ranges:

30-49: 1

50-64: 1

65-79: 7

80+: 22

Most were female, at 58%.

These statistics are through April 8, 2021.

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