Staying Active During Your Summer Vacation

This is a great workout on the water! Credits: Fern Ridge Reservoir

Welcome Summer! 

Summer is finally here and after the long, cold winter we've experienced it's certainly nice to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.  Maybe you're lucky enough to take some time and get away this summer, but that doesn't mean you should leave your workouts behind.  Vacations are a great way to restore your energy and lift your spirits, but staying active is a key element to that success.  According to a University of Michigan study, women that took a 10-day break from exercising actually felt  more tired after the hiatus. 

Wondering how you can stay active while away?  Maybe your vacation spot doesn't have the gym or equipment that you're familiar  using on a daily basis, but don't let that deter you.  Instead look at this as an opportunity to try new ways to workout (I bet you even end up pleasantly surprised in what you find)!  For example, one of my newer favorites is Stand Up Paddleboarding (aka: SUP boarding).  I gave it a try 2 years ago and was hooked on this awesome workout on the water.  Many vacation areas now even offer Yoga and Pilate classes on the SUP boards.  Speaking of classes, how about looking into a Yoga or Pilates class done right on the beach?  Or maybe there's a local gym in the area (or at your hotel) that offers daily classes on a pay-per-class basis.  Another idea: look into renting a bike and tour the local area &/or bike trails.  Or possibly just  a simple walk or a nice run to explore the vacation town or beach that you are visiting might interest you.  Look into renting a canoe or kayak for a day and cruise around the water--what a fab outdoor workout!  Many hotels are now even offering in-room "workout kits" with equipment for you use during your hotel stay.   The options are endless, so no excuses!

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Another tip: prior to your vacation head to the local fitness store or go online and purchase inexpensive resistance bands as they are convenient to pack and travel with.  They come in a variety of tension resistance and are a great tool to bring along on any trip & can be used practically anywhere.  Not sure how to use them?  You can check out some workouts using these type of bands by going to YouTube and enter keywords "resistance band workouts".   You also can always do non-equipment based moves such as planks (remember: you should be doing planks daily!), squats, crunches, push-ups, etc all right in the privacy of your room.  Again, no excuses!

My point to you is this:  you shouldn't let your vacation set your health and fitness goals back.  You've worked this hard--keep going and keep moving!  Try to stay healthy and on track even during your vacation.  Yes, you are on vacation to relax and enjoy, but as I mentioned earlier: taking a hiatus typically makes you more tired and in order to get the full spirit lifitng benefit of your vacation you need to stay active!  By staying active you're sure to feel better during and after that well deserved summer get-away. 

Wishing you a healthy summer and safe travels!


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