PARKLAND, FL- Stoneman Douglas student Reuben Zuckerman was quarantined at home this past spring, just like everyone else.

Zuckerman was finishing his junior year and wanting to find a way to use his time and energy to be helpful while the coronavirus pandemic was turning life upside down for so many in his community.

"I wanted to give back to my community during this tough time," he said. 

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Zuckerman had volunteered locally a number of times before, but he wanted something new and practical considering the new challenges the world was beginning to face at the time. He was familiar with an organization created in New Jersey called Deliver Together.

Deliver Together was created by Maurice Korish and Adam Hollander to help run errands for people at risk during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The entirely student-led organization's mission is to "positively impact those affected by Coronavirus, working together with community leaders, organizing free delivery and errand runs to mitigate the spread of the disease among those most vulnerable."

Zuckerman created the first-ever Florida location of Deliver Together and is now operating the service from their home location in Parkland.

They are actively going to stores, picking up items, and delivering to those in need while keeping social distance practices in place. The operation is taking off, and they are welcoming more people to join the effort.

"Over the past few months the organization has expanded beyond expectations, and we are so glad that now we can help in a new state," he said.  

Volunteers are needed to join and help out at Deliver Together. Students can also earn volunteer hours for the effort.

To learn more about Deliver Together or learn how to help, visit their website here.