Dear Editor:

On November 6th Chatham Borough residents will have the opportunity to vote on who will represent us on the Chatham Borough Council.

I am writing in strong support of the re-election of Peter Hoffman and Len Resto. These two experienced, diligent, responsible, results-oriented and tireless public servants have a proven track record of service to our amazing hometown. In a time when taxes are “out of control” they have focused on maintaining and improving our quality of life while prudently managing the budget to provide the best value for our tax dollars. And, to assure our town remains a vital and vibrant place to live, they support the redevelopment and revitalization of Post Office Plaza and the River Road Gateway District. They are ever mindful of the need to sustain, conserve and protect our environment and have fiercely opposed the Pilgrim Pipeline and support conservation of our natural resources and our beautiful trees.

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Perhaps the quality I admire most in both Peter and Len is the respect they show to all members of the community. If you have ever attended or watched a Chatham Borough Council meeting you will see in Peter and Len two individuals willing to listen to the concerns of the community. Moreover, they are prepared to act to address those concerns in a respectful manner that puts the best interest of the community first. It is never about politics for Peter or Len but it is always about community.

Peter and Len seek re-election for no other reason than to continue to be of service to our community. Their past successful performance and their continued dedication make them worthy of our votes. They have certainly earned them.

Lauren Migliozzi
3 Fairfax Terrace, Chatham, NJ