On Thursday, April 21st, forty PSA preschoolers and kindergarteners experienced a day in the life of a worm through the Greater Newark Conservancy’s program “Worm in the City: Urban Recyclers.”  Shahira Morell and Amarilys Olivio gave a presentation on urban farming and the children discovered how these wriggling creatures turn garbage into compost.  Students were able to use stereo-microscopes to examine an active worm bin, a worm’s anatomy and life cycle.

“Environmental education not only inspires students and cultivates minds, but it fosters critical thinking, problem solving, and student collaboration,” notes Judith L. Shipley, Urban Environmental Center Field Trip Guide of the Greater Newark Conservancy.

PSA students were also visited last month by David Alexander, Senior Naturalist from the Essex County Environmental Center, to share a message of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink!”  This program encouraged PSA students to concentrate on how their actions can impact their homes, their communities and the planet at- large.  The Essex County Environmental Center’s mission is to create awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the environment and its relationship to Essex County residents.  The Center is dedicated to uniting its twenty-two communities through integrated educational programs including hands-on activities.

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“Words and actions can change people – and ultimately, the world. In order to grow into their best selves, children need inspiration and information about the world around them,” explains Lisa Raphael, Director of Park Street Academy.  “This is why we are so excited to bring in partners like the Greater Newark Conservancy the Essex County Environmental Center to speak to our students at an early age.”

Presentations by the Essex County Environmental Center, Greater Newark’s Conservancy Program, and month-long programming round out April’s environmental studies theme at PSA

Park Street Academy (PSA), a private pre-school and kindergarten located in Montclair, NJ, celebrated environmental science in April – honoring Earth Day and introducing students to local organizations that are fighting hard to take care of our community and our planet.