The first Common Council business meeting of 2021 will be held on Tuesday, January 19 at 7:30 PM.  Members of Common Council, Mayor Radest, and City staff will be participating electronically in this meeting. For this and all future electronic meetings, members of the public will be able to comment by video or audio conference. Comments will also be accepted by email or by mail to Comments must be received by noon on January 19. Those that submit  written comments will have their comment read by the clerk or summarized if substantially like other comments and will not be permitted to speak on that same subject at the meeting. The rules for public comments are posted on the City website. The access codes for the Zoom platform and instructions for  public comment are posted on the city website.  

Every Common Council meeting is broadcast live on HTTV Verizon channel 30 and Comcast channel 36 and 34. The meeting will also be broadcast live on the City of Summit YouTube Channel.  

The Finance Committee will introduce two resolutions. First, council will vote on a bookkeeping measure to authorize the transfer of unused funds in 2020 operating accounts to operating accounts with  insufficient funds. These transfers are allowed only in the last two months of the fiscal year and the first  three months of the succeeding year and do not have any effect on the total expenditures in the 2020  budget. The second resolution establishes a settlement cap below which the City Tax Assessor, after  consultation with the Special Tax Appeal Attorney, may negotiate and enter into a settlement without  prior approval of the Common Council. 

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The Community Programs and Parking Services Committee will introduce three resolutions. First, council  will consider a resolution to amend the structure of the Silver Summit Senior Citizens Advisory Committee to allow for subcommittees and ad hoc committees to improve the ability of the committee  to execute its mission. Next, council will vote to authorize a contract through a state cooperative purchasing program for the resurfacing of the running track at the Tatlock Park Sports Complex. This project, which is partially funded by a Union County Kids Recreation Trust Fund, was authorized in a prior budget year and will replace the 13-year-old track that is showing signs of wear. Finally, council will vote to extend leave with pay for a Parking Services employee.  

The Capital Projects and Community Services Committee will introduce six resolutions. First, council will  adopt guidelines to govern stop sign installation in response to public requests. The guidelines incorporate engineering best practices and national and state guidelines and standards. Next, council  will consider a resolution to authorize deer culling by Union County at the Reeves-Reed Arboretum.  Another resolution will authorize a contract with Topology for professional planning and real estate advisory services for Phase V of planning for the Broad Street West Redevelopment Project. Most of the contract costs will be reimbursed by the redeveloper in accordance with a funding agreement. Council will also consider resolutions to: (1) reject a bid and abandon the On-Call Landscaping Services project; (2) execute an agreement for a snow removal and lighting reimbursement for Summit View  Condominiums; and (3) authorize a change order for the Fall 2020 Tree Planting project in the amount of  $1,725 resulting from the need to replant four trees and to add a bio-barrier to protect one tree. 

To view the complete Common Council agenda, go to Next Common Council Meeting: Tuesday, February 2, 2021.