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Super Full Moon Visible Over Warren

WARREN, NJ - As the clock ticks over to 12:11a.m. EDT)  the world will experience the first full honey moon on Friday the 13th in almost 100 years. And yes, it really is eleven minutes into June 14, but it's only eleven minutes off.
And the moon is a Super Full Moon.
A super full moon occurs when the moon’s closest approach to the Earth (lunar perigee) coincides with the phase of full moon. When this happens, the moon seems bigger and brighter and with some atmospheric dust and pollution, added, it will give off an amber—or "honey"—hue.
There are no universal rules as to how close the moon must be to qualify as a Super Full Moon. timeanddate.com uses the following definition:

If a full moon is closer than 360,000 kilometers at perigee, it is considered a Super Full Moon.
If it is further away than 400,000 kilometers at apogee, it is listed as a Micro Moon.

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