To the Editor:

As a proponent of education, a lover ofthe arts, and a Chatham homeowner, I amdismayed that our fine Board of Education would propose to put us more than $10million in debt and raise our taxes -reducing our property values - by building afreestanding Middle School Performing Arts Center that we don't need and can't muchuse, instead of using our tax dollars for genuine educational programs.

The proposed PAC would be too small for graduations and general assemblies,too big for educational purposes and regular assemblies, and too inflexible formost types of arts events. The location on Main Street is too far from the High School for regular use and even the Middle Schoolers wouldn't be able to use it without wasting time getting their coats to travel between buildings.

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Chatham students deserve better, and we can provide it for a lot less money. If youcare about education, the arts, or even simply maintaining property values, pleasesend the School Board back to the drawing board.

Vote No on Question No. 2 this Tuesday. April 21, please.

Let's support education, not buildings.

Brigid McMenamin