I support Ed Potosnak for Congress and hope that many first time voters will get out there next Tuesday and be the "kick across the finish line" for Ed.

We need a person in Congress who has the honest, ethical focus to get our state and Washington focused back on the good of the people, not the pockets of the filthy rich boys in suits. Quite frankly, I was surprised at how little Lance would "listen" to his constituents, but the facts are he does not, unless you’re a paying Republican. Then you can get his attention.

Ed has listened and agreed with small business owners in NJ and the nation that it’s all about making sure workers are hired and kept in good jobs. Our nation will not recover quickly from the Bush era of spend and pocket profits for the wealthiest in this nation. But if Ed is given the chance, he will give 'em hell or die trying. Ed will help to build legislation to restore and create jobs with small and new businesses. He believes in the people and understands their plight. Lance does not have a clue what it is like to balance a small struggling business budget or a food plan for a family with little income. No CLUE.

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I say Ed can help the 7th District far more than Lance could even consider doing. You have to understand the issues from the inside out. Please get out there, NJ. VOTE FOR ED.

Considering this district is likely among the wealthiest in all of NJ, you’d think the middle class in this district would come out in droves to support their candidate and show their power. We need every blue collar worker, every mom, every new voter, every college student to be the ones who make this election about the little guy. We can do it, but we need people to be responsible and be a part of this election process.