SPARTA, NJ- Before the last  big snowstorm began  on Thursday night, there was a gathering of  approximately twenty five small business owners at C3 Workplace on Main Street.  The Sussex Business Connections event was organized by Glenn Marthens  of Milton Terry associates,  hosted by owners  Cathy Dilger and Donna Miller, with food provided by Villa Capri.  This event provided an opportunity for networking and casual conversation.  It also provided an opportunity for the sisters Miller and Dilger, to show off their C3 facilities.

As soon as you walk through the door of the refurbished old building on Main Street, you can see the attention to detail.  There is a map of the building with QR codes of clients who make use of the facility.  The camera pointed at the door connects to the clients smart phones, enabling them to see who is coming in.   There are mailboxes, allowing small  home-based businesses to have  a Main Street address.  There is even an old-fashioned  phone booth, without the phone, affording a private place to take a phone call. 

On the main floor there is a large room for meetings, such as the Small Business Connections meeting, an additional conference room and a kitchen.  The kitchen is available for all clients' use and was renovated by Dilger, displaying her talents as a kitchen designer from her other business Kitchen Turn Around. 

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People from Marthens' event were milling around throughout the downstairs.  Eventually, Marthens gathered everyone together for introductions and the question of the evening.  This night the question related to the impending storm-what will you be doing tomorrow while it is snowing?  With answers from predictible to provocative, it was a good way to wrap up the evening.  

Dilger led a tour of the building to the second floor rooms.  These rooms included open concept style offices, a massage treatment room and a room set up with more comfortable furniture for a therapy setting.   Dilger explained membership affords many options other than simply booking a work space.  They offer backroom support including telephone answering service, bookkeeping and even social medial posting. 

Marthens hosts similar events each month and invites different business owners each time, "so the conversation doesn't get stale." 

Assisting Marthens in organizing the event were Arthur Hance of Hance Construction and Glenn Tippy-one of three Glenns present that night-and Maria Farris both of GBW Insurance.

Contact Dilger if you are interested in attending a Small Business Connections meeting in the future.  Additional information about C3 Workplace is available at