WESTFIELD, NJ — Parents of Franklin Elementary School students learned Wednesday that a swastika was found etched on a panel in one of the school's restrooms that afternoon.

“You can imagine our serious disappointment when we found that a student had etched a swastika on a panel in one of our restrooms this afternoon. Before the end of the school day, a student did admit to this and appropriate consequences will be administered," Principal Eileen Cambria said in an email to parents.

“Please take the time to talk to your child at home about this symbol of hate. It is not an easy conversation, but it is a very important one. We are working hard at school to teach respect for all. I know that you will address this at home as well.”

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The statement did not specify the size or specific location of the of the swastika.

In an email on Thursday, Schools Superintendent Dr. Margaret Dolan declined to discuss the specifics of the incident but offered the following statement.

“During this Week of Respect and throughout the school year, we continue to incorporate into lessons and model ways our students can and should be respectful and kind," Dolan said. "Our administrators and teachers take this responsibility very seriously. It is an important part of our work as educators.”

A similar incident occurred at the school in February of 2017.